Sunday 12 September 2010

A quick trip to the garden center

Well not much has been going on down the allotment...( as in I have been lazy and not been there much!) But I did take a quick trip to the garden center on Friday evening with Kate and I bought two white currant bushes, another blueberry bush and some Rhubarb.

I also got a fancy seed distributor thing which I'm hoping will make life a little easier next year when sowing seeds.

I originally went to get some Loganberries but they didn't look very good and when I though about it I figured I could mix my own raspberries and blackberries to make loganberries in a pot so not too much was lost there.

I did pop down the allotment last night to get them in the ground and to also pick some runner-beans, carrots, leek and cabbage for dinner today. I still have potatoes in the cupboard so didn't have to dig any for dinner!!

I did have plans to get some weeding done yesterday but that never happened purely through me fancying having a lazy day at home with the children which I thoroughly enjoyed and we all deserved after a first week back and school and work. Might get something done today though as the sun is shining nicely.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend too!!



  1. a seed distributor sounds like a very handy gadget to have. Glad you enjoyed your lazy day with the children. Have another great day today

  2. Hope that your 'fancy distributor thing' works for you

  3. I just love a trip to the garden centre, though.. I always come back with empty pockets :D

    I do like loganberries too!

  4. Lazying at home is good. After refreshed then we got power to do more things.

  5. You're going to have loads of fruit next year. Glad you enjoyed your lazy day, it makes a change not to do anything sometimes.


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