Monday 13 September 2010

Tomatoes, Courgettes and Apples!!

Well it's been a very busy day today with kids, work, shopping and cooking but finally I can now sit down and relax...well after this post that is!!

My courgettes as every have done well this year and are still fruiting and I was given a big bag of various tomatoes from an allotment neighbour so I decided to
make some pasta sauce today as I have plenty of tomatoes from my own plants but wasn't going to pass up a freebie!!

rhubarbThe Rhubarb I bought from the garden center has been planted in the raised bed at the top end of the it spreads the strawberries can be moved and it will be nicely contained here.

It was a very lazy sauce where I just halved the tomatoes and then chucked them all in a pan and once they had cooked down I rubbed them through a colander to remover the skins but keep all the pulp. I then added some salt pepper and basil and let it bubble up for a while...that was it, job done!! A nice easy fresh sauce which I put into jars. I had one very huge jar so I diced up a courgette stuffed the large jar full of it and then poured sauce into that as well. I didn't cook the courgette first as I want it to be quite firm when I use it to make a vegetable and pasta bake and as the sauce was boiling when I poured it in I figured that would be enough.

blueberryMy new Blueberry bush planted in its pot.

I also was given a large bag of eating apples from my Mum's neighbours...there were too many to eat so some I peeled and cored and then boiled them quick in water and lime juice...left to cool and then bagged and froze them for deserts later on....they were red blush apple similar to Elspan but my Mum's neighbor didn't know exactly what type they were but the smell and taste is delicious!!

The two white currant bushes placed between the red and black currants.

I popped up to the allotment to water the greenhouse and when I opened the door was greeted by the wonderful aroma of melon...yep, one had ripened and split slightly so I have brought it's not very big and we haven't cut it yet but I will give you the verdict when I do!! I have to say I am quite excited about the fact!

My Melon...I put the camera case next to it to give you an idea of the size. I don't know if it should have grown bigger or if they were a miniature variety...I guess I should have paid more attention to the packet!!

That's really all for now....hoping to get a bit of work done on the plot tomorrow if the weather stays fine for me.



  1. Good idea with the apples. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever end up with too many

  2. Still keeping fingers crossed for our melon

  3. You know alot of generous people. Well done with the melon, I hope it tastes nice.

  4. You have been busy! The sauce sounds very nice.

  5. Arrr a little baby melon, where's it's mummy and daddy melon gone? you ate them didn't you?!?!?!!!! :O


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