Wednesday 8 September 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 36 2010 and some more spuds!!

Well surprisingly after the forecast we were given the weather has been quite good to us over the last week. We have had some rain but it has been in the evenings and I was grateful for this as it watered my new plants in nicely and helped them get established.

Although we haven't had a whole lot of sun and at times the wind has been strong the days have generally been warm in the late teens and occasionally scraping the 20's...if this keeps up for September I will be happy!!

Now for the potatoes...I am still digging my second early new potatoes and although they are quite big they scrape well, cook nicely and taste delicious. I have dug quite a few now and all of them have been healthy and there are a good number of potatoes to each plant.

Haven't been down the plot much this starting back at school and college and work re-commencing has put a spanner in the works until I get back into the swing of things...Hoping to get a day down there at the weekend though!!

charlotte potatoes
My second crop of 'early' potatoes....Charlotte.



  1. adjusting to the change in schedule is always such a thrill :)
    Our weather here has been crazy, it was 90 yesterday and 61 today.

  2. I finished digging all my second early potatoes at the weekend so we're still eating those at the moment, but have also dug the first of the maincrops. They've all done well this year.

  3. Yumm.. I like potatoes. Depends on their size. The small ones are good to mix with chicken curry.

  4. It's been much nicer than they threatened here too - hope it continues.

  5. hello..visiting u here.. u have green fingers.. great..


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