Wednesday 15 September 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 37

Well the weather has been changeable at best this week.

It has been dry,drizzly and torrential rain as well as still, breezy, gusty and blustery. This usually all occurred in the same day...pretty much every day too.

The temperature hasn't been too bad though mostly in the high teens and feeling quite pleasant even with the wind and rain. Today is the first 'chilly' morning we've had and even that didn't require more than a light jacket.

As of yet I haven't thought to put any heating on and hope I still don't have to for a while.

It will be interesting next year to look back on these and see what similarities there are.

Haven't manged to get to the plot yet this week but hoping to on Friday and over the weekend....I did see a fellow allotment-er today who said I can have some more tomatoes so I think I will make some tomato sauce with the next lot!!



  1. It was rather chilly here this morning and I must confess that I wondered if it was time to put the heating back on. It seems to have warmed up again though now. The weather was terrible yesterday, torrential rain and very blustery but it's very pleasant today.

  2. It's raining cats and dogs here :(


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