Wednesday 22 September 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 38

Looking at my archives I think I must have numbered last weeks weather watch wrong so I have skipped one to bring the weeks numbers right again...not that I know for definite that I have the numbers right but I guess I will find out at the end of the year!!

Well it's been a pleasant week with the temperatures slowly increasing to give us a little Indian Summer...according to the met office this isn't going to last past the weekend but I will take all I can get!!

No rain...quite breezy and a lovely warm sun has had me up the allotment and out in the garden tidying it was 22 degrees and I am hoping that the rain manages to hold off for a few more days yet so I can get my garden finished and looking nice this week.

Hope the weather has been as kind to you wherever you may be!!


  1. It had been nice here too but like yours our good weather won't last much longer.

  2. We've had nice weather for the past couple of days but it drizzling today. I hope it stays dry tomorrow as the kids have a sponsored walk to do.

  3. It was lovely here as well. Wouldn't it be great if it carried on for at least another month - then maybe a short sharp month of winter to kill as many bad bugs as possible.

  4. 22 degree considered cold in Asia countries, well mostly for me. I hope the good weather continues there.


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