Saturday 18 September 2010

What A wonderful day.. :-)

Well today has been a great day...nothing special has happened really but it's been really nice.

I had intended to get some of my main crop potatoes dug up today and when I awoke this morning it was to clear skies and sunshine which lifted my heart as I knew my plans could be carried out as for once the weather was cooperating!!

King Edward potatoesfreshly dug earth

Above left is the full yield of potatoes I had from 24 plants..these are King Edwards and right is the ground freshly dug over and weeded!!

The day was quite chilly but it didn't dampen my spirits and the children wanted to come and help on the plot too which made me smile as I hadn't told them
about Dave's ducklings and I knew they were going to love them!!


All the kids had a cuddle with the ducklings...and inevitably got 'pooed'

We took a picnic, flasks and plenty of drink with us and had a lovely day digging, weeding, bug catching the toads dinner and playing with the ducklings.

Dave joined us for our picnic and then again about 3:3opm when I went home to replenish the flasks with hot chocolate.

The fence man
Introducing Dave...not the best picture but he is a little camera shy!!

We were down the allotment for about 6 hours, even my Hubby popped down to see us for a while which topped the day off nicely and made it totally, complete before we went home happily tired and ready for tea...see nothing special really but just one of those wonderful days!!

Oh and just before I go I would like to thanks Soilman For the tips and video from his blog about harvesting main crop was a great help!!


  1. Arrr ducklings look sweet :) Love birds me. I have a quaker parrot at home, even he helps out on the plot by letting us have his wooden pellets from the bottom of the cage for the composter :D

  2. Wow, look at all those potatoes. You had the perfect day. Those ducklings are so cute.

  3. Sounds a lovely day Tanya - we were driving up the motorway from holiday in the Cotswolds and today is drizzly!

  4. Sounds like a perfect day. I think the best days are the ones where you do nothing much but spend it with family. The ducklings are cute.

  5. Whoa! That's a cartload of goodie potatoes! I bet they are yummy! A little advice when you shooting a person like Dave with back against the sun, use your flash. They will look perfect!

  6. Wow! Loads of potatoes! Love the fluffy ducklings.

  7. how do you keep or preserve the potatoes?

  8. For main crop or 'old' potatoes you just put them in sacks in a dry dark place and use them as you need them. You can do this with new potatoes too but obviously the longer you have them the older they become so then the skins don't scrape...I have enough potatoes sacked to last me through most of the winter and they taste delicious!!


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