Friday 15 October 2010

Another day of digging!!!!

A very tiring day involving lots of digging so I just thought I'd tell it in least it will be better than reading a really boring post...that's right can look at one instead...LOL

weedy ground
So this is what I started with at 8:30 am.

cleared ground ready for digging
This is what was left after I cleared the ot dig the spuds!!

Desiree poatatoes
The Desiree potatoes. Quite a good crop, not as many as the King Edwards but overall the potatoes are larger and will be good for baking.

Charlotte potatoes
A carrier bag full of Charlotte's..this came from the last 4 plants left in the ground.

winter dig and what left
This is what we have now!!!

So all in all a pretty productive day....Not much ground left to weed and dig now as you can see and I really feel like I have made excellent progress this year!!

I even taught Kate how to winter dig and the benefits of it...I guess there is hope for us all!!!



  1. Go you little digger you! It is nice to see you doing some hard work for a change! :D (laughs)

  2. Looking good! That's a great haul of potatoes, if you are anyhting like us at the moment you'll be trying to find somewhere to store them all now!!

  3. If I did all that work in one day I would most likely spend the next day with my heating pad and doing a lot of moaning and
    You did good.

  4. Another hard days work for you, you're reaping the rewards though, your spuds look great.

  5. Hope we get the last of the potatoes this weekend!


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