Thursday 7 October 2010

A bright and sunny day :-)

Well today dawned bright and beautiful and stayed like that ALL day!!

I whizzed round town to get the shopping done and then spent a good 5 hours in the garden getting it sorted and tidied up.

The tomato plants came up and the lawns were mowed and edged and even though they were still wet they look so much better!!

I also took up the bedding plants which seemed to have turned to mush with the torrential rain we've had over the last couple of weeks and got all the weeds out in between the slabs too.

I am now pleased that the garden is looking like my garden again and not as if a tornado had hit it several times's pretty colourless but I can handle that for a while as I look out my window and see neat beds and weedless slabs.

I even got some washing dried on the line today which makes it smell so much fresher than having to dry it indoors and I plan to iron that tonight so that I can get up to the allotment tomorrow....I'm hoping for a repeat of today's weather but have decided that no matter what it's doing I will still go as there is a lot of work to be done and while the mild temperatures persist I am going to get stuck in!!



  1. Nothing better than a day full of sunshine and getting things accomplished. It's amazing how a little sunshine can give you so much ambition. Sounds like you had a great day, hope tomorrow is a repeat for the weather.

  2. My garden has had a good clear up too, but the grass still needs cutting. I haven't pulled my tomatoes up yet, they're still ripening on the vine

  3. Was lovely here too but misty and damp today.

  4. I like to hang my laundry out in the sun too. There are things about the sun ray that make the laundry feels clean :)


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