Sunday 17 October 2010

Quick raised bed tip.

This is just a quick tip for any of you putting raised beds onto your plot.

Make sure you thoroughly dig and weed the ground before putting your bed into place and filling it.

I know this sounds like something very simple but I didn't do this before I put mine in and now I am battling getting the twitch out that is very deep and didn't raise it's ugly head for about three months to show itself...I guess you learn by your mistakes. Here's hoping some of you can learn by mine and save yourselves some time and work!!



  1. It's usually those seemingly simple things that get overlooked all the time. I probably would have done the same thing. Live and learn huh? Good tip for those just starting out and I'll keep it in mind should I ever do something like that.

  2. Simple tip but easily overlooked. I shall remember this.

  3. I had intentions of putting raised beds in when I first took on the allotment, but after working it for two years now I've decided not to bother. A good tip for anyone just starting out though.

  4. Those darned weeds get everywhere! Is it any easier to maintain raised beds?

  5. Hi Mark...I suppose weeds are weeds wherever they may come up..the beauty of raised beds is the fact that the ground is higher to weed so it is easier on the back and the knees and also you don't get overwhelmed quite so much as you can weed them bed by bed so it is easier to set yourself a task and not feel like you are stopping half way through. Everyone has there own ideas on what suits them best and what layout they want. I decided not to go for raised beds as i thought I might feel constricted on the amount that I could grow in each one and if I made them different sizes it would make crop rotation harder...i also thought i would lose a lot of planting land from in between the beds. It all comes down to personal preference really...the weeds come just the same but each bed can be weeded or 'treated' differently and there lies the ease of raised beds...I kind of think that was a 'waffly' answer but the best I can do...maybe some other readers have different opinions!!


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