Wednesday 6 October 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 40..

Well the weather hasn't changed much with the commencement of October....

Thursday was dry and sunny, quite warm if a little windy.
Friday was torrential rain all day.
Saturday was dry and sunny, quite warm if a little windy.
Sunday was torrential rain all day.
Monday was pleasant once again with light winds and sunny spells.

Do you think you are noticing a pattern here?? Well then it changes!!

Tuesday...DRY, that's right, we had two dry days in a row...well almost...the rain started after dark!!
Wednesday started rainy but did clear up by lunchtime...according to the forecast we are in for a dry few days now...I just pray that they are right.

The only thing I can't complain about are the temperatures which are still into the double figures most nights as well as the days and I have yet to put my heating on even though we are now into October!!

Well that's it....I was trying to look for a site where I could get the predicted forecast from and put it up on my site...couldn't find one yet but hopeful for next week...and you never know if they are predicting sun it might even bring a little colour to the blog...however I won't hold my breath!!!



  1. Well at least you were getting every other day without rain. This is the first day we've had without rain in about a week. It's been so much colder too. Not my kind of weather at all.

  2. It's lovely and sunny here today. My heating has been on for a couple of weeks now, only for half an hour before we get out of bed though.


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