Saturday 23 October 2010

Winter dig is finished!!!!!

Well I went up the plot somewhat reluctantly this afternoon. The weather was stop and start rain continually and when the rain started boy did it pour.

I didn't have much enthusiasm when I first went to the allotment but once I got started and found a rhythm I got on quite well.

I was left of a bit of a dilemma as to which way to go with my bit of ground that hadn't yet been dug for the winter. You see not only had it not been dug but it also never got planted on this year and so therefore never got weeded or dug previously wither. With the sudden turn in weather I was left with three choices. Weed the ground properly and not have the benefits of the winter dig as the soil would be finely broken, Clear off the top of the ground and then winter dig it and let the weather kill most of the roots off and break the soil up or Just winter dig it.

I went with option two as this seemed a good medium and I certainly didn't want to be starting next season with hard packed flat soil which hadn't had the benefits of the winter elements.

This said I managed to complete it today (and managed to get VERY wet in the process!) and although you see a lot of twitch roots about I am happy with what I have achieved and the decision I have made as i know that much of this will die off through the winter as the ground is not going to insulate the roots this year.

I also picked up my broad beans and garlic this week and I have put them in the ground ready to start germinating. I have planted about 60 garlic and about 200 broad beans....the broad beans are sown quite thickly in two rows so if any don't germinate there won't be large gaps about!!

Oh I have also put in the ground a few over wintering onions which were given to me so I will see how these go.

As a celebration of completing my winter dig I have brought all of my gardening gloves home and coats and scarves to go through the washing machine. I still have my gardening jobs to do but it will be nice to do them next week in gloves that I don't have to make pliable again by bashing them on the

Don't worry can't get rid of me that easily...the winter dig maybe complete but I still have plans to carry out and musings to write about from the growing season so I will still be posting and hope you will all still be reading!!



  1. That sounds like a lot of work but I imagine it felt quite rewarding when you were done.
    Not to worry, if you post, I'll read :)

  2. That's a lot of garlic - I'm trying not to grow as much next year as we just don't get through it all and I've given loads away - people are fed up of me saying do you want some more garlic?

  3. Well done. You can sit back a bit now and do some more enjoyable jobs.

  4. Time flies so fast! It's time for Winter, again!
    Glad you managed to finished the dig.

  5. Bet you're pleased you got your dig in before the cold weather set in!


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