Thursday 28 October 2010

YAY...I'm a winner!!!!!

A while ago on one of the blogs i follow there was a seed giveaway was very straight forward which suited me down to the ground as usually once I manage to prize the kids away from the computer it's quite late so I can only cope with simple things.

Anyway the rules were...if you're interested then leave a comment. Yep that was simple and i was definitely interested so I left a comment!!

Well surprisingly (because luck doesn't tend to find me too much) I win the giveaway and received my seeds in the post today.

I first of all have to thank 'Zuckie' for picking me as the winner and then I have to thank Craig for the great seeds I have received in the post today.

seed giveaway competition
The seeds I got in the post today!!

Craig is quite a new blogger and quite new to the allotment world so go and check out his blog at 'dykes edge allotment' and see what amazing things he has been up to and what his future plans can also meet 'Zuckie'...but please remember to come back and visit me too..I may not be as inventive as him but I still love that you all come and check out my blog!!

The Garden project is coming along nicely...hopefully it will be completed and revealed tomorrow!!


  1. congratulations on the win. that's my kind of giveaway, one where you don't have to do anything more than comment. Even on the ones where you can get extra entries I normally only leave my one comment and that's it. I'll go check out Craig and Zuckie right now

  2. Good for you Tanya - hope the seeds grow well

  3. Well done. That'll keep the costs down next year.

  4. Congrats for the win! That seeds will keep you very busy!!! :)

  5. Hi Tanya, to answer your question about the canned pumpkin. It's just pureed pumpkin. I've seen several sites that give directions for how to do that but I've always been too lazy so I just buy the stuff in the can :)
    Those cookies made with fresh homemade pumpkin puree would most likely be excellent

  6. The mystery seeds you received were welsh noble fir trees, me being welsh an all! :D

    Let me know how you get on, plant one near your shed, and in 2/3 years time, you'll have a nice miniature christmas tree to wrap some solar lights around. When it gets bigger, simply chop it down for fire wood or use it for christmas indoors.

    I'm starting 12 off on my windowsill now.

  7. I have never seen this brand of seeds before. You will have to post how they look because I might have to buy some :) Congrats on the win!


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