Friday 26 November 2010

Recycled Cherry and winter growth!!

I popped up the allotment this morning just to take a few pics for you all and found a few surprises when I got there which made me very happy!!

cherry tree stump stoolsdecorative cherry tree stump

Firstly above and below are the stumps from the felled cherry tree. Some I am using for little stools, the one above right is just nicely decorative and the two below will be for mushrooms spoors...I have another one for mushrooms too.

tree stump for mushroom spores

strawberries in wintercabbages

I was very surprised to see some strawberries and flowers till on the plants...I don't know with this recent cold spell whether they will ripen but I have to say i was impressed! Also the cabbages are slowly forming crowns so it won't be long before I can pick one.


Remember the cute fluffy ducklings from a few September? Well this is them now in all their splendour..very healthy and very sociable!!

garlic shootsonion shoots

And lastly we have the new shoots poking through the ground, garlic above left, onions above right and broad beans below...I am very pleased that so many have already bodes well for next year!

broad bean shoots

Well that's it really...I was going to take some beautiful frosty photos too but my hands got very cold very quick and so I decided that this was enough for one day. No snow here yet...fingers crossed it stays away!!



  1. Talk about late strawberries! Single it out and plant its runners in a cold frame or greenhouse, quite a hardy variety you have there but they won't ripen, if i'm wrong tell me!

    You can always pick them and put them in a plastic bag and hang for a few days above a radiator, then recool in fridge once red.

    Good use of logs, I had a load today myself. Will season them a little before I burn them once I have my stove.

  2. things are looking good there. Sounds like you had a good day


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