Tuesday 23 November 2010

Spot the difference!

Firstly I want to apologise to you all for having been absent on my blog for a while. It's not that I don't have anything to write it's just that even with one of my gardening jobs finished for the season and the allotment being pretty much sorted for the winter I still seem to be so busy...I'm hoping it will calm down a little now though and all the posts i have buzzing around in my head will soon be posted on the blog.

Also apologies to all those bloggers who I so avidly follow and please know that I am making today my ca6tch up day and I am truly enjoying your posts even if I don't comment on every one of your posts.

And now for a little game...it's simple really...just spot the difference...I will wait till there are quite a few comments before I publish them so that you all have to really look at the photo rather than just reading what other people thought. I think it's pretty obvious but lets see what all of you think!!

shed with tree
Simply spot the difference between the two photographs!!

shed without tree



  1. My guesses: sanded/painted shed and bench and pressure washed flag stones?

  2. The tree's gone. I bet you get much more light in your garden now.

  3. Here are my guesses:
    There’s something blue in the top shed window so I guess you have had a tidy up.

    The tree has gone from behind the shed
    The washing line post has gone along with whatever it was alongside the side on the left. A sort of tray/tank thiny.

    The bottom shed and bench are lighter coloured so either you’ve painted them or the light was different when you took the photo. The fence on the bottom one is darker so maybe it was taken at a different time of day when the ‘sun’ had moved! Greyer paving slabs in the bottom photo. Shed roof bluer in top photo too.

    No steps up to the top shed.

    The little plant in the bottom right has gone or maybe the photo is just slightly at a different angle.

    Grass longer on bottom photo.

    Now I'm hallucinating

    Why not hang on to the comments til everyone has a go?

  4. "TIMBER"..

    The tree fellers have been busy !

  5. The biggest change I see is the missing tree!

  6. You've taken it from a slightly different angle and tidied up the black thing to the left of the shed? ;>)

    Oh and the tree behind ;>)

    Sorry haven't got the wife to find the knitting pattern to send - will do it later.

  7. T t t timber?

    p.s. is that astroturf in the foreground?

  8. I kept thinking that the difference was the color of the shed but then I noticed that there appears to be a tree that is missing on the right side

  9. No Mal...it isn't astroturf...nice thought but very expensive...it's just a regular lawn who has green thumb visit.


keep it clean...keep it relevant...I look forward to reading your comments!!