Wednesday 3 November 2010

Weather watch wednesday week 44 2010..and thats about all!!

Well the weather has been pretty settled this last week with dry days and warm for the time of year. A few blustery days but nothing to complain about really. We had a little rain last night and then it started again this afternoon so it may be here to stay for a while but I will just have to wait and see.

Nothing going on down the allotment at all. I went down for an hour or so just to sort out the shed and greenhouse all in preparation for the new year.

UK clocks moved last Saturday night so the days are dark by 5pm and now I long for Christmas...not just because it's Christmas but also because the winter solstice is just before and I know that at this point slowly but surely the days will start to get longer.

I am feeling quite optimistic about the allotment for 2011!!



  1. The clocks have only just gone back and yet I'm already longing for lighter evenings. I find I want to curl up and hibernate when it's dark outside.

  2. We turn our clocks back on the 7th here. I'm not really longing for Christmas since I'm nowhere near being ready for it but I like your reasoning there. :)

  3. It seems just a short time ago that you were getting your allotment ready for spring. Time seems to fly by so fast. I guess now is the time to look forward to the future.

  4. Me too - I wish they would leave the clocks alone as I hate it when the nights draw in - it's awful too for elderly people living alone.

  5. No, Christmas please don't come too soon! I still got plenty of works to clear before that! :D


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