Wednesday 24 November 2010

Weather watch Wednesday week 47 2010...and the spot the difference answer!!

Well first of all for the spot the difference. I suppose in hindsight there could have been quite a few differences as it's a few weeks between shots but the main one I was after which i think you all noticed was the tree.

That's right...I went out on Monday morning and when I arrived home the tree fellers were about. First of all i thought they were just pruning the tree but it soon became obvious that the whole thing was going...I am quite upset about this...yes it will give more light to my garden and yes I won't have the leaves in the autumn but it was such a lovely healthy tree which housed so much wildlife it was heartbreaking to see it go.

The reason it went (apparently) was because the neighbours behind thought it might cause damage to the foundations of the property they rent and it made there property quite dark...they have only lived there about 18 months which kind of saddened me as it was there before them and the previous neighbour who passed away loved that tree.

Anyway it's gone and as there was nothing I could do about it I did manage to stop the whole lot going through the chipper and took some lovely pieces away which I will be taking down the plot for mushroom growing and natural decorative purposes...more on that once they are in place!!

As for the weather...Foggy, wet, miserable and cold...though although very cold today was bright which lifted my spirits a little.

Snow is forecast but that remains to be seen.
Temperatures for the last couple of weeks have been between 7 and -3 degrees Celsius ...needless to say we have had the heating on!!



  1. too bad about the tree. always sad to see one cut down.
    Snow is in our forecast as well, I hope they're wrong

  2. It's cold here today, I wouldn't be surprised to see some snow.

  3. What a shame - I'd be upset about that too although I wasn't upset a few years ago when the house behind us removed all it's straggly huge leylandii trees.

  4. I think there is always the pro of the autumn debris when a tree comes down but thats where it ends for me and I will really miss seeing the birds in and out next year.


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