Wednesday 10 November 2010

Weather watch wednesday...week 45 2010...and some sock help if you can!!

blus skieswinter sunset

Looks lovely doesn't it?? That beautiful sky and the sun setting behind the houses???

Well don't be fooled by it. This is the first time we've seen the sun for a few days...or anything even close. It's been a miserable week with cold temperatures between 5 and 7 degrees during the day and frosts at night. Needless to say my heating went on this week...but I guess it is November so we can't really complain.

So...Thursday rain...ALL DAY!
Friday...dry day but miserable and grey with evening rain.
Saturday...lovely day and evening but the temperatures plummeted and stayed that way.
Sunday...cloudy but with some sunny spells.
Monday and Tuesday...RAIN<>

toe socks
My Socks!! :-)

Aren't they ace?!?!?! I absolutely love my socks...I have lots like this...all different colours, some stripey, some's the toes that I love...and they are such fun too. So I guess you're wondering why I'm showing you a picture of my socks?? After all it's not like I grew them on my allotment or anything..though they do keep me nice and toasty whilst I'm busy on the plot in the miserable weather but the real reason they are here is because they are all quite old and are going a little Sunday special (i.e. 'Holy' and these are quite hard to get hold of and when you do find some also quite expensive so what I am really after is a knitting pattern so that I can make my own I have been hunting for a while now with no luck and I was wondering if anyone out there has found a knitting pattern for 'Toe Socks'

If you have one it would be great if you could let me have it...or if you know where I could find one I would be forever in your here's hoping you can be of some help to me...Thanks!!



  1. With weather like we had today, I can get some proper work done!

  2. :) I used to have a pair like that when I was a kid. I'm afraid the toes would drive me crazy now. I'll ask a knitting friend if she has a pattern.

  3. There are loads of free patterns on It's a great site, you can organise your own projects and queue projects that you want to knit too. There are literally thousands of patterns to search through. Put toe socks in the search and it will bring up some patterns for you.

  4. I had some of those socks years ago. I found a pattern for you, not sure how good it is but here's the link

  5. Why is it knitting and allotmenting appear to go hand in (glove!) hand? In this case, I do the allotmenting and the wife knits so I am able to answer your question. Well OK Mrs D is able to answer your question!

    Any good? If not she does have another pattern, but I'd have to email that.

  6. Errmmm...the pattern looks great but I haven't been knitting very long so I was wondering if the other pattern your wife has is a little simpler RobD...I would like to see it if that's should be able to e-mail to me through blogger...I think?!?!?!

  7. A friend of mine has some socks like that but bought them abroad. I don't think I could wear them though as even those sandals that fit between toes hurt - my toe-gaps just aren't wide enough. I have bought some toasty boot slippers though - no good for outside but just the job on chilly evenings!

  8. Hahaha. Those socks rock. :-)


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