Tuesday 28 December 2010

Prezzies for the plotter!!!

Well I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. Mine was very nice....after the initial hectic run up to the 'Big Day' I finally managed to get sat down and relax Christmas eve about about 8pm...which is definitely a record in my book!!!

We had dinner at home and then tea with the family at my parents house and it was all nice and laid back....I like to spend Christmas with just family as you never feel like you are entertaining anyone so you have a much more laid back time.

Anyway lets talk presents!!! I had lots of wonderful gifts as always and a few which were to do with the allotment too!!

I got a great t-shirt which states 'I'd rather be down the allotment'...which I have to say I did refrain from wearing Christmas day for two reasons, a) It was -5degrees and b) everyone may have told me to 'bugger off then'....and I really wanted my mince pies..lol

prezzies for the plotter allotment presents
My presents!

I also got 4 books to be used with my allotment, all very different aspects which was amazing as no-one knew that I would get 4!! One was a garden notes, one an allotment journal, one a handbook and then a grow your own eat your own...all of them very much loved!!

Obviously I got lots of bits for Christmas but I also got a 6th generation nano ipod and a kindle, neither of which are directly related to the allotment but both of which will be used immensely. I love to listen to music whilst I work and the kindle is going to be great as I can take a good book to mull over for a while whilst I have a spot of lunch and also I can download some gardening books to it so I will have stuff on hand that isn't too bulky!!

I finally got the time to sit down yesterday and catch up with all the blogs I love to follow, not only did I have some great reads but I also found I was a winner on
Dykes Edge Allotment Diary and I have to admit that I feel just a little guilty for not knowing until a week later so I hereby officially thank you Craig and I look forward to receiving my prize...kind of like a late Christmas present... :-) If any of my readers haven't seen Craig's log then go over and check it out!

Well we didn't get an official white Christmas, as we got no fresh snowfall, but the snow stayed lingering form the last sprinkling and we glittered with ice and frost all day so it was quite a pretty day.

Well that's all I have for now, I have another week of vacation left and I think during that time I might see if I can get down to the plot and maybe try and prize that shed open to check on those potatoes...I have to admit to buying them in for the last couple of weeks as entry to the shed has been impossible so I will have to re-think storage for next year...oh well, live and learn I guess!!



  1. Glad you had a great christmas Tanya, some great books too by looks of things. Can never have enough books. Well done with the comp, prize well deserved, great slogan choice will get it up in the new year and get seeds out to you once the postal situation is better so don't worry.

    All the best, Craig.

  2. Good prezzies, like the T-shirt.

  3. You did well this Christmas with some great presents. A friend at work just got a kindle a couple weeks ago and she loves it. That will be quite convenient for you to use at the allotment. Enjoy the rest of your time off

  4. In my case it's prising open the greenhouse - it's wooden and I think the door has swelled.

  5. Glad you had a great Christmas! Hope you have plenty of time to enjoy those books.

  6. Proof that your family does know you well! Glad you had a fun Christmas.


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