Wednesday 1 December 2010

Weather Watch Wednesday..week 48 pictures!!

Well it's cold and white...that's about all there is to say really. Temperatures as low as -10 degrees have been recorded...and we have been lucky if we reached 1 degree in the last week.

Over 400 hundred schools i
n the area have been closed and my town was announced as being 'cut off' this morning...and that's really saying something as we have two major roads criss-crossing us (A1 and A52).

Enjoy the pictures!!


The fowl don't seem to mind the weather.

chickensguinea fowl

snowy allotmentssnowy allotment

Can you see that?? That there in the's called a sun...I think?!?!?

snowy allotmentssnowy allotments

A few signs of activity...but how long ago no-one really knows.

snowy allotmentssnowy allotments

The heavy snow weighing down the netting of a chicken coop.



  1. Wow you got hit hard. Guess you really will be walking in a winter wonderland :) Hope they get the roads opened back up for you soon

  2. Wow, and I was feeling bad because we are supposed to be in the 50's during the day and 20's at night for the next week. I do miss snow, however, I wish it would just snow in Georgia for a week each winter and then leave us alone, instead we might get a dusting every couple of years. The last time we got any real snow (2 feet) was about 17 years ago.

  3. It all looks so pretty covered in snow. We've got lots of it here too. Hope your roads are opened up soon.

  4. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Here in North Yorkshire we are just into Day 9 of snow! Tonight is coldest so far I think!
    Brrrrrrrr! Keep warm! Our hens wont step outside the henhouse!

  5. Well the snow has let up for a couple of days now and yesterday it did get just above freezing for a few hours...then it froze last night and now everywhere is black ice and frozen slush..... :-(

  6. The ducks looks so cute!
    When I saw only all white in your pictures, I can't help but to shiver. You should come here for holiday Tanya. All sunny and sweaty! :D

  7. I really could do with sunny and hot right now VS...I don't do the sweating too much though...but hey thats probably because I live in England!! lol


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