Wednesday 29 December 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 52 2010...and tropical heat!!!!! I lie, it isn't actually tropical heat in my area but it did get up to 6degrees today which is amazing as this is the first time in a while that we have got above freezing. The snow has all melted and left the streets damp and dirty looking.

We have been engulfed in a ground mist all day which magically disappeared when you left the country behind and reached the town which unfortunately I had to do today after hibernating for the past week.

But that is me now until all these silly bank holidays are over and the world gets back to rights after the Christmas festivities...then it will be back to work and hopefully a little warmer as the days grow lighter.

Still haven't been up the plot but this is scheduled for tomorrow after I have repaired my wellies that have a hole in the top....note to self...when using the cultivator ensure you move your foot before you ram it into what should be the ground...saves having to repair wellingtons and stops you suffering with 'holey' toes!!

Hope the weather is warming up a little for the rest of you too!!



  1. Above freezing at last! Be nice to be able to get back to the plot again won't it, but I fear it's not going to be the last of winter just yet.

  2. whenever the weather gets above freezing here it's almost like having a heat Tropical weather right now sure would be nice

  3. Yes the snow has gone and mists have arrived.

    Last night it was bizarre with a layer of mist floating just over the fields.

  4. Happy New Year Tanya. Still can't get the spade in here to dig my bean trench but the thaw is definitely on the way as the washing machine has now thawed out. I have consoled myself for the lack of digging by planting some onion seed. I can't decide whether to tomato or not this year. Blight is the blight of my life you see.

  5. It does feel tropical now that the temperature is above freezing. Believe it or not, I didn't have any heating on at all yesterday, I think I've got used to the freezing weather that anything warmer is like a heatwave. I'm sure we'll have some colder weather again before long though. Happy new year.

  6. Your weather always seems to match ours, mostly. It has warmed up here too. It would be a great time to be outside, but it's been raining so hard that it's impossible.

  7. Cheer up Tanya! 2011 definitely will be better!
    Blessed new year for you and your loved ones!


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