Thursday 29 December 2011

Thursday's forecast...week 52.....29/12/11....and A belated Merry Christmas..and a early Happy New Year!!

Well I meant to write a Merry Christmas post to all me readers but with getting everything sorted and stuff Christmas came and went without me getting around to it. It was spent with family and close friends and was lovely and relaxed just the way I like it...hope you all had a great Christmas.

The weather has been horrible of late. Christmas Day was the third warmest on record in the U.K., still cold in my opinion at between 8 and 15 degrees but some people thought it was warm enough to have garden parties or go swimming in the sea...then come Summer they will yet again be complaining how cold it is when it doesn't get beyond the mid 20's...I just can't figure some people out!!

The weather has took a turn for the worse the last few days with gales of up to 70m.p.h. and driving rain...but I haven't let it spoil my Christmas...though I haven't visited the allotment either!

Yesterday morning as the sun rose the biggest flock of seagulls flew over...I live in the east midlands and the sight of so many sea birds usually portents bad weather so i will see what the next couple of weeks bring.

Tomorrow the winds are supposed to drop so i may go up the allotment for a little fresh air and do a bit of tidying up....but I won't feel bad if I don't make it...after all I am on holiday!!

So now I just want to wish all my readers a Happy New year and Best wishes for 2012, I know I am a little early but we have some plans..nothing huge but I may not get chance again to post before the new year so here it is....Hope you all enjoy your celebrations!


Wednesday 21 December 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday.....21/12/11.......week 51.....and 'break in' news

So lets start with the weather....We have had some particularly cold and frosty nights this week and the cold has seeped into the days too.

Temperatures have ranged between 1 and 8 degrees during the day and -4 to 5 degrees at night.
The warmer days haven't given us much though as they have been dreary and dark and rainy...I think I prefer the cold and bright.

No snow to speak of...maybe half a dozen flakes and then it has turned to sleet or rain....still chance of a white Christmas yet though.

The winds have been mild at between 5 and 30 m.p.h.

So now for the break in. Well it wasn't so bad after all. The culprit actually broke into 5 sheds but stole nothing. All these sheds had locks on which had been cut clean through (presumably with bolt cutters.) But nothing in any of the sheds had been disturbed...not even my tiller. It's curious as to why they would do person said that they had done it in readiness to come back...but I think any thief with a brain would know that people would remove valuables if they had gotten broken into so I think that maybe they were disturbed. Needless to still naffed me off but I am glad that my tiller is still mine and it is now safely in the shed at home.

So not a bad ending to the story and I don't know if they will be back but I do know that from now on no matter what the weather my tiller will be coming home with me!!


Monday 19 December 2011

Why do people do it??

Well just a quick few lines and none of them happy.

My Nephew was round today whilst I was at work and took a phone-call for me. Someone from the allotments letting me know my shed has been broken into.

I didn't get the message until I was on the way to the doctors...(flu my arm is stiff to boot!!)....and by the time I got home it was dark so I have no idea what the damage is or what has been taken but my Tiller was still in the shed as I hadn't got around to bringing it home. I just don't understand why people do it.

I'm going to take the night off reading and tomorrow I will post to let you know exactly what has been taken...and any damage that was caused...hope everyone else is having a better Monday than me.


Saturday 17 December 2011

A little something else about the allotment.

Well I said in my lat post that I had a little something else to tell you that you would have to wait for the weekend for...well it's the weekend and here it is!!

winning certificate
That's right...I won a prize for my allotment. I know it's only 5th place but I was very proud of myself...especially knowing that the first 4 prizes went to well established allotment holders who've had their plots for many years. It came with £5 cash prize too!!

So I won this wonderful certificate and a bit of money hen I thought I hadn't done so well and certainly didn't get to spend as much time this last year. I never knew the prize I think I want to try and improve for next year. Anyway I was very pleased with myself and wanted to share my small achievement with you all!!


Thursday 15 December 2011

Thursday's Forecast..........15/12/11........week 50.(and a little something extra!!)

Well it's been a while since I wrote a weather post and I am sorry about that but to be honest you haven't missed much of late.

Over the past few weeks the weather has been pretty un-remarkable and mundane. Usual temperatures ..though maybe a few degrees higher than is the 'norm' for this time of year.

Wind, a bit of rain, sometimes bright, sometimes overcast.

Well that was a summary from the last time.

This last week however has turned cold. The winds have been ferocious and we've had some frosts...and rain on a daily basis though usually this has cleared up by the time dawn has broken over the horizon. I'm not sorry we haven't had the bitter temperatures of last year...but I could do without the winds!!

Snow is predicted next week..but we shall see!!

Now for the bit of something different.

I wanted to tell you about a new blog that has just started up.

This blog has just started up about an allotment and the owner is both VERY new to blogging and allotments. As is usual for being a newbie in the allotment world they were given a piece of land which needs lots of work but have gone at it with great enthusiasm and I thought it would be nice to tell you all about it and thought you might like to go over and check it out....maybe leave a comment or two for encouragement...and even some tips if you can.

Hope you enjoy and I wish him all the best for his allotment and blog and will keep popping over myself to see how he's getting on.

Well that's it for today's post....I have a little something else to tell you...but that will have to wait until the weekend. Stay warm and dry!!!


Saturday 10 December 2011

Time waits for no man!! I am finally getting round to doing another's not that I haven't been to the allotment or anything I am just still trying to get everything sorted out and some structure back into my schedule which gives me time to get on the computer regularly.

I guess I could make loads of excuses but I won't..I will however apologise to all my regular readers and now the weather is getting colder I'm sure I will get a little more time...and with Christmas coming up I will have some time off work too so I will definitely be getting lots more posts in....just a pity it's winter really...but don't worry even though we are so late in the year I still have plenty to do and tell's not just the blog that has got a little neglected of late!!

Anyway I got a good proportion of the allotment winter dug today, though I have to confess that was mainly due to my son who encouraged me to go and get some work done and was a really big's not very often you can say that about the teenagers of today but he was the one 'chivvying' me up so credit where credit is due...and thanks to the kick up the butt from him I got half of one of the plots 'Yay us!!'

Well there are a few pics for you to look at so I hope you enjoy them.

.overview of allotmentoverview of allotmentoverview of allotment

So above is a little bit of an overview..this is where work still needs to be done and hopefully the weather will be kind for at least another week so i can get a bit more digging done.

freshly dug eartha happy teenager

Above you can see the freshly dug earth..oh and my son who was way to 'chipper' for a teenager outside at 10am on a Saturday when it was only 2 degrees!!

All in all it was a good morning...the ground was icy in places which made the digging hard work but it was worth it in the end and we both left smiling at the amount we accomplished in such a short time. I still have lots to tell so I am going to get a few more posts up this week but I will stop right here for now and go and see what all of you have been up to in my absence!!


Sunday 20 November 2011

A long awaited update.........

So it's been a while but I am finally giving you a little update...and it will be little as there really isn't much happening down the allotment now the colder weather has arrived!!

Firstly above and below we have these didn't actually grow on the allotment but in the garden lawn and weren't picked for eating as I am quite apprehensive about mushrooms and as to weather or not they will do us any harm if eaten so the lawn was cleared of them but they are quite nice looking...could anyone identify them??

We went down the allotment to do a little bit of tidying...collect the last of the ripe tomatoes and to do a little rubbish burning...that's right we are once again allowed to burn, but only in an incinerator bin and only rubbish off the plot which I am perfectly happy means I know longer have to ferry any rubbish that can't be composted back home to the bin...and it keeps you warm on these cooler days too!!

Above..the incinerator...£10 from Wilkinsons!!

I also finally got the blackberry bushes moved to their new location behind the shed where they can go wild and hopefully keep a few of the weeds down back there to. Membrane has gone down round them and some gravel placed on top so this area is once again starting to look likes it belongs to me...I will take some pics. when I next visit the allotment!

And finally above and below the kids having some fun with the rubbish before we had to burn can't beat the fresh country air to put smiles on their faces!!

Well that's about all there is to tell for now. I have missed a couple of weather updates but there wasn't much to share anyway. Still not much rain to speak of which is making working on the allotment still quite pleasant though a few days have been very overcast and miserable looking!

The trees have just about shed all their leaves now which i am quite happy about as although I hate the barren look of winter...I hate having to sweep the leaves continually. Temperatures have been quite mild though I did wake this morning to thick, freezing fog so maybe all that is about to change?!?!?!


Sunday 6 November 2011

Allotments spuds!!!!!

So it took all week but I finally managed to get down to the allotment. As it was Guy Fawkes weekend I am sure you can imagine how dreary and miserable the weather was....foggy with misty rain in the air which meant I got very wet....but I had a plan to get the potatoes harvested this weekend and nothing was going to stop me.

weedy allotmentallotment cleared of weeds

First we had to clear all of the weeds ...I know the potatoes are in their somewhere!! Once that was done the digging could commence!

You have probably realized that I am not the one digging in the photo above...That's right...I enlisted a little bit of help! Due to the recent rain the ground on top was very muddy but you didn't have to go too deep before you met rock hard concrete which made digging very hard work!

allotment dug and potatoes removed

Once the potatoes were out and the ground dug then the allotment looked ready fro the winter.

King Edward potatoesDesiree Potatoes

Above left, King Edwards. Above right, Desiree.

There were more potatoes harvested than what you see above but nowhere near the amount we got last year. Maybe the weather had something to do with it. I have never watered my potatoes and didn't this year but we have had an incredibly dry spring, summer and even autumn and so maybe this is a factor for the amount of produce. On the other hand maybe we missed loads??? Or maybe they just didn't want to grow so much this year. Whatever the reason I'm not too worried. It is quite a good crop if not my best ever and very few of them contained bugs and so not many had to be thrown away.

Currently the potatoes are in the wheelbarrow in the greenhouse so that they can dry off before being put into sack in storage until they are going to be used!!


Monday 31 October 2011

Allotment work recommences ......

Well we are back from our few days away and I finally got to spend a few hours down the allotment.

The time was mainly spent sorting out the tomato plants....clearing some rubbish away...weeding (what a surprise!!) and sorting the compost heap. I did get a little harvesting done though.

butternut squash
Butternut squash.

I wasn't there long but the weather was still and quite warm so it was quite enjoyable. I didn't get the potatoes dug up but hopefully I can fit that in this week.

Life should calm down now a all house projects and visits from and to friends are finished for the year which means I can get back into least that's the plan!!

A bucket full of tomatoes.

Things seems to have run away from me this year and I am hoping that next season will be a lot more settled so that I can really stay on top of things.


The worst thing now is that the clocks have moved so by 5pm we are losing light and that is the day does mean I get cleaned up earlier though....guess you always have to look at the bright side of things too.

So hopefully in the next couple of days I will be giving more updates with some photos of the allotment too.


Wednesday 26 October 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday.....26/10/11.......week 42

Well I don't have any allotment news for you but I thought it was about time I did a weather update which I have been seriously lacking with!!

The weather has been pretty typical for October....days are
shortening rapidly and with the clocks moving this weekend nights will suddenly come VERY quickly.

Temperatures haven't been too bad when the sun has come out....but on overcast days there has been quite a chill to the air and we have already
had a few light frosts.

Not much rain...but a few strong winds have been coming through lowering the temperature even more...I must say already I am longing for spring as I watch the trees lose their leaves and the gardens start to die back ready for the dormant months of winter.

wasps nest
A wasps nest.

On a happier note the bathroom is finished and I am
very pleased with it....I have had some time off this week but it has been taken up putting the house back to rights and tomorrow we go to stay with friends for a couple of days so it will be the weekend before I can even think about getting to the allotment...and there I will be, come rain or shine so watch this space for some updates!!

wasps nest
It broke as we trimmed up the hedge.

Got some gardening done today and whilst tidying up a hedge came across a wasps nest...luckily it was an old one with no inhabitants...but it was kind of cool to see it up close so I hope you enjoy the photos.

wasps nest
It was kind of a cool to get a good look inside, we could even see some old 'egg sacks' that the wasps had hatched out of.

Will catch up with all my favourite blogs at the weekend too...sorry I have been so absent, (wow I seem to have said that a lot this year!) But that should be it now...all should calm down and get back to normal!!


Sunday 16 October 2011

Not much Life at the allotment...but we saw Newtons tree!!

So with everything that has been going on in life I haven't spent too much time down the allotment....a couple of hours yesterday doing a little tidying up but that's about it.

So I thought I would share one of last weekends outings with you again so I can put a few pictures up...and give a little history lesson too.

We all went to Woolsthorpe Manor...this is less than 20 mile from my home and the birthplace of Isaac Newton (now I'm sure everyone has heard of him!!)

You probably remember my visors from my previous post? So it was a 'touristy' thing...and also because even though I have lived here all my life I had never visited.

Woolsthorpe Manor
Woolsthorpe was a drizzly day but we didn't let that 'dampen' our spirits!!

So what did we see there...well lots of stuff in the house...and inscriptions and drawings on the walls which they think may have been drawn by Newton himself...but the best thing was of course Newtons tree....that's right....the tree that helped discover gravity.

Issac Newtons Tree
JB standing in front of the famous tree. It doesn't look very big as a few hundred years ago it was blown down by storms and so most of it cut up for firewood...however the tree was still rooted in the ground so one again started to grow and produce the photo you can see where the original trunk is laid across the ground and the new shoots have grown out of think we same so close to losing such an important part of history.

We also got to pick and eat delicious apples off the fruit trees...and look for the other fruit trees that are around too. It's a national trust house and isn't too expensive and lovely for a short outing.

Scrumping and eating apples
Handing out the apples for a little snack. I have to say we were a little worried as to whether we could pick them but we were told it would be ok and really why shouldn't it, if visitors didn't pick and eat the fruit it would all be wasted and rotting on the ground. We saw pear, medlar and hazelnuts there too.

So that was our day to the Manor. My friends have since flown home and so for a day life got back to normal...then I had my bathroom ripped out....yes we are in a mess but I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the long run.

I know I haven't been as dedicated to my blog these last few months but with changing jobs, exams, colleges, visits, house improvements etc it has just been absolute mayhem. However get next week out the way and things will be plain sailing as jobs and colleges are now settled and part of routine and all major projects will be completed and holidays and visitors done with. That means I can get some serious work done down the allotment as I am so far behind this year I haven't even got my main crop potatoes out the ground yet....and there is so much more to do with all that in mind there will be plenty of posts and updates coming your way too!!

As for the weather...we had a very mild frost the night before last so I really need to get my tomatoes harvested.....don't panic will all come together nicely....deep breaths..........


Saturday 8 October 2011

A little visit to the allotment and a quick weather update!!

Well I have friends visiting at the minute so not much activity going on down the allotment but I did take them round for a quick look and we harvested a few bits!!

big beetroot harvest
We harvested some very large cooked up just lovely though!!

enjoying picking the raspberries
My self and JB eating some raspberries...he though it was great that we could pick and eat fruit straight off the bushes!!

Hanging out by the pond
Enjoying the view by the pond...not much wildlife around to see today though.

a stroll through the allotments.
Having a wander around the plot....we went to feed the horses and see what else was around!!

You should be impressed...that's three photo's I have put up and I am in every one!! It was nice showing my friends what I had been growing and JB loved every minute of harvesting the fruit and veg.

The weather has cooled down immensely and it seems Autumn has hit with a vengeance. The days and nights are chilly, we've had some fierce winds and today we've had drizzly rain all day. I think that is definitely it until the spring of 2012 for the warm weather so I will have to start digging out my winter warmers!!!

Hope the weather is a little better for all of you than it has been for me....not much into this cold stuff!!


Monday 3 October 2011

Allotments 2012!!

Yes I know we are still in 2011 and we have a few months yet but I have decided to be a little more organized this year after my seed catalouge came through my letterbox.

I went up the allotment at the weekend to take some manure up and did a few jobs but not much although I did pick another 10lb of tomatoes for sauce!!

Anyway the main reason I went up was to get all my seeds and I then went through to see which would be ok for next year.

Once that was done I wen thorough and wrote a list of all I want to grow next year and then put an order in for the seeds I don't have.

I didn't have to buy that many...and with getting them half price I am quite pleased with the amount I have.

This is the first year I have looked so early at the things I would like to grow and what I have and I'm hoping that this will save me time next year as I will be able to sow stuff when needed and not have to trail for hours finding what I want!!

I have also bought a few weird seeds to have a go at too.....full list to follow in a later post...and maybe some pics. too!!


Friday 30 September 2011

Name that bean!!

So can you name the bean???

I will give a description of the plant and it's growing nature...I have even included a couple of pictures....however I won't be able to tell you if you're right because I have no idea what it is called so this isn't a guessing game but a plea for knowledge.

The beans in their plant-able state are about the size of a french bean and are sometimes dark purple/black and sometimes brown. The plants require a framework up which to climb and produce pretty little purple and white flowers.

The beans pods that grow are about the same size as those of french beans and are either purple, pink 'ish' or green in colour when harvested.

harvested beans ..unknown variety
Above are some of the harvested beans ready for cooking.

The beans, although being a similar size and shape as french beans have a 'string' running down the seam like on runner beans. This needs trimming before being cooked as it is not very palatable.

blanched beans ..unknown variety
The beans once blanched.

As is the case with some of these vegetable once blanched they all turn a vibrant green no matter what colour they started out as.

So that is about as much as I can tell you about them...I don't have a picture of the plant at the moment but I could take one if you think that might clinch an answer for you...Oh and the reason I don't know what they are is because i was given the seed from a friend who was given it by someone else who didn't know what it was called either.

Here's hoping someone will know!!


Wednesday 28 September 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday...28/09/11.......week 38

Well the weather man really came through this time...the weather is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! It was 23 degrees today in the shade with a lovely warm breeze and clear blue gives this to keep up until at least the weekend so I am very happy!!!

clear September skyCheck out that September sky!

The nights have been quite damp which means we are getting up to a lovely fresh aroma.

Sunrise is getting late now and today it was gone half six when it came up and it was setting by 7pm so I will be enjoying this nice weather whilst it lasts.

Not much allotment activity for me this last week but with the lovely weather I did go and collect some salad stuff today for a lovely fresh dinner.
Hope the weather is being as kind to you.

a plate of salad just harvested from the allotment
A wonderful fresh dinner...though I have to admit to buying the ham from the butchers...but everything else is off the allotment!!


Monday 26 September 2011

Would you consider it a glut????

Well I popped down the allotment at the weekend to do a little (okay...A LOT!) of harvesting. I only went with one intention...TOMATOES!!!

And boy did we get tomatoes.....

freshly harvested tomatoes
Above is half of what we picked!!

So would you consider this a glut?? I have only picked about a quarter of the fruit...yet I intended on growing so much as there is lots of stuff you can do with tomatoes and they are all scrumptious!!

tomato butter
This is 'tomato butter' bubbling away in the pan...the end product is more like jam though...I think I cooked it a little too long. But it is very nice!

tomato soup
This is some tomato soup that I made. A very basic recipe...I am going to be making some chunky tomato soup too!!

I have also made up some tomato and basil pasta sauce, and I have yet too make Ketchup in two varieties and some other soups and pasta sauces...and I think I may try drying some too. I still have much more fruit to harvest and yet I wonder with all my plans if I will have enough...only time will tell if I need to plant more next year.

So what do you like to do with your tomatoes??

That's it for now...but more posts to follow this week as there has been plenty more to harvest at the allotment!!


Thursday 22 September 2011

Thursday forecast.....22/09/11...week 37...I think?!?!

Well I am in from work and homework has been completed so the last thing I really want to do is sit here and right a post so it's going to be another quick one.

The weather is pretty much what you can expect this time of you...low blinding sun with a chill to the air.

We've had some heavy rain but only briefly.

We did suffer with some horrific winds last week but these have thankfully past us by without causing damage and so we are back to normal for a while.

I will be getting down the allotment for a time again over the weekend and getting some cooking done too so I will have lots to tell and also whilst my pans are bubbling away I am hoping to find some time to catch up with all my favourite blogs.

The days are quickly getting shorter and it won't be long now before we move the clocks!!


Tuesday 20 September 2011

The quickest allotment post EVER!!!

I feel bad as I still have got my head into gear and myself sorted int0o a routine yet so my blog is suffering.

I promise I will get sorted by the end of the week though and catch up with you all and get myself organised...up till then here is a little progress!!

So this was as far as we got the first weekend...a huge improvement and then we moved on to the other half last Saturday.

As you can see it was just as bad ...

A little help goes a long way though...we even found a healthy looking carrot row!!

The pond area also got sorted...again no finished product pictures but we got on quite well but not quite getting it all done.

I went visiting neighbours to get rid of some of the weeds!!

Whilst we were doing this the inspector came round looking at peoples allotments...hopefully the fact that I was there doing something about it means I won't get a letter!! :-{

That's it for least you didn't get the chance to get bored whilst


Sunday 11 September 2011

Two weeks off the allotment...and a lifetime of weeds grew!! :-(

Hi All....yes I am back. Well OK I have to admit that I have been back at home for a week now but with all the usual stuff to contend with when you get back form a holiday plus new jobs starting and college term beginning I just haven't managed to get down the allotment so had nothing to report!!

I have been up the allotment a couple of times over the last week...but only for watering and I
closed my eyes and mind off to all the weeds that had
grown in my absence...but this weekend I was on a mission and so i got myself. (and a couple of helpers!!) down the allotment and worked!

Well above and below you can see what sort of mes I was in. This is just half of the plot but I can assure you the other doesn't look any better. Personally I think one photo would have done but my son was playing with the camera. See and all my readers though I had such a tidy plot!!

So you can see how much work I had on. Anyway we all worked really son and nephew helped out for a couple of hours with the weeding too which I was very grateful for. The onions got lifted, the rest of the new potatoes dug, all the weeding done...the squash plants tamed and the carrots found. I also sorted out the tubs on the gravel and pulled the weeds in that area too...all in all an excellent day!!

blackberry bramble
Above is one of the blackberry brambles I's going wild near the greenhouse so I think I will dig it up and put it near the fence at the top end of the plot behind the shed and pond...that way it won't matter what it does....what do you think??

around the greenhouse
Above again is my son taking photos...anyway this is me with the chair of the committee who came to had a chat with me about a recent bout of thefts and vandalism....the police came up to talk to her but I don't see us getting much joy from them.

So that's about all I have for now.....I fully intended on getting some 'after' photos for you but it was that dark when I finished they didn't turn out very well but I can tell you that I am much happier than I was yesterday morning...even if a little achy! I will go up the plot at some point today but purely to harvest...I think a few days rest is on order before I tackle the other side.


Thursday 25 August 2011

We're all going on a......summer holiday!!!!

That's right...I am again going to be absent from my blog...and also the allotment but only for a week and this time I have a very good reason...we are going away for a week.

It's been a hectic day with exam results, college enrollment, packing and washing but I did manage to get down the allotment and harvest a few vegetables.

harvested runner beans, french beans, beetroot, cucumber, marrow, rainbow chard, sweetcorn, babycorn, spinach beet, tomatoes courgette and potatoes.
The harvest from today...and I was only up the allotment half an hour!!

Today's harvest wasn't for me but for my cousin who gives me year round free manure and also for my sister...I am quite envious that they are going to be eating the first sweetcorn...but there is plenty for me when I arrive home in a week.
I harvested runner beans, french beans, beetroot, cucumber, marrow, rainbow chard, sweetcorn, baby-corn, spinach beet, tomatoes, courgette and potatoes.

This ones for Mal...I think you are probably beating me hands down!!

Above is my celeriac...or lack of it. I had trouble getting hold of seeds and then when i finally did they were a long time germinating and this is as big as they have got. I think it's safe to say i have failed at celeriac again this year but I will not give up quite yet and will be trying again next how's you celeriac doing Mal??

So that's all for now hope you enjoy your holiday weekend and I will be back posting again as soon as I get home.


Wednesday 24 August 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday...week 33....24/08/11

Well we had severe weather warnings issued for Monday/Tuesday for heavy rain and flash floods...we got a little sprinkling of rain and that was our lot!!

It's been quite a nice week. Not too windy and temperatures in the late teens and low twenties. Often the days have been cloudy but i don't mind this too much.

We really could do with a couple of days of decent rain for the gardens but we aren't at the desperation stage yet.

I can't believe how quickly the nights are drawing in...sun is now setting about 8:45pm.

Hope everyone else is getting some nice summer weather too.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

I don't 'gnome' what to do?!?!

Well I fully intended on visiting the allotment today and then writing a post about harvesting my sweetcorn. That didn't quite go as planned though so I have just pulled a post out of my head as I thought it would be nice to see what you think about this thing I think I might want to do!!

sheep and dog gnome
Sheep and dog.

You see in my kitchen on top of the cabinets I have some 'ornaments'. At least a few of them are but then I wanted some more animals to add to the collection and the ones that fit what i wanted are actually garden ornaments...or gnomes if you like even though they are different animals

cat cow and pig gnome
Cat, cow and pig.

I do love my animals and think they give a bit of character to my kitchen which I like to keep unfussy and basic for ease of cleaning and hygiene reasons. However there are the times when i have to get them down and wash them so I am wondering whether they should maybe go into the garden or if they would even make a nice addition to the allotment...or would I miss them too much if i moved them from my kitchen after such a long time?? They have been residents of the house for about 8 years now...So basically I'm asking you all what you think....or how maybe you would feel about moving them...just a little insight to others thoughts might help me make a final decision. These aren't the only ones i have...I also have two ducks and three chickens but these aren't outdoor ornaments so would have to stay where they are...which is another things that is making me ponder what to do....please help!!


Monday 22 August 2011

Some Allotment pictures to look at.

I'm quite tired after a busy day so here are some pics for you to have a look at today.

frenc climbing beansbabycorn

French beans and baby corn.

rainbow chard and spinach beetturnips and swede

Rainbow Chard, spinach beet, turnips, swede and carrots.

selection of fruit and cegetables harvested

One of the first harvests.

The above were all taken about 4 weeks ago so you can imagine how much harvest I have had since then.....the babycorn has been delicious and the dwarf beans have been plentiful this year and I have been freezing plenty for the winter.

See you all tomorrow.