Friday 21 January 2011

A couple of hours well spent on the allotment!!

Well I managed to get down the allotment for a couple of hours this afternoon and although it was VERY cold the sun was bright in the sky and the air was still making it lovely to be outside.

I originally went down to empty out all the old compost from the tubs of last year but it was so cold that they were all frozen solid so that job wasn't accomplished today.

I did get the cauliflower patch sorted and all those that had been devastated by the harsh weather were unearthed and put in the composter and the lettuces in the greenhouse were sorted too. I lost a couple of those but for the most they are in pretty good shape and I just removed a few of the limp outer leaves so that the hearts would benefit.

I saw Dave up the plot and when I was last chatting to him I had talked about getting a couple of raised beds..the reason for them will be revealed in another post but I mention them now as some plot holders have handed back their allotment this year and so what was there is up for grabs at the minute so he took me down and I acquired to sturdy portable raised beds which is just what I was after as I don't want beds that will be fixed in one place. Dave got some great fence stakes and we also found some chairs by the container which Dave had and an umbrella stand which I got for my umbrella this summer.

So all in all it was a great day, I got a little work done, saved myself some money and enjoyed the fresh air...I think I feel a bit like Craig over at



  1. I was going to christen you Craig Mark 2 but you got there before me!

  2. It does sound like you had a great day. Gotta love it when you can save some money.

  3. Good stuff, you can't beat a few freebies!

  4. It sounds like you were in the right place at the right time. I'm looking forward to hearing what you want to use the raised beds for.

  5. It's good to get back into the routine after a cold winter. I look forward to hearing about your raised beds.

  6. My father used tiered beds for the strawberries he loved so much. I had a good time reading through this site. There are some real gems in the older posts. Your site is Nature Site of the Week at Nature Center Magazine

    Emma Springfield


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