Sunday 9 January 2011

Mumpkin update.

Well first of all for anyone new who may be reading my blog you will find out what a 'mumpkin' is here.

Okay, now that's out of the way there will be no confusion for anyone and I can get on with telling you all about it.
Unfortunately there isn't really much to tell. As you know from the outside the 'mumpkin' was the size and shape of a marrow but with the colouring of a pumpkin.

I was kind of thinking it would resemble more of a marrow than anything and that was where I went seriously wrong.

My marrows have always lasted me several months once harvested and as the skin on the 'mumpkin' was thick and solid like the marrows I thought the same for this wonderfully weird fruit but when I did finally get around cutting into it we got that strange 'poof' noise and a little cloud of dusty stuff. I have to say that was the precise moment I stopped doing anything with it.

The flesh inside was stingy like the marrow but orange like the pumpkin but i will never know what it tastes like as I decided it was probably best to ditch it. The seeds inside had already started to deteriorate so I didn't get to save any of these either and with all the crossed characteristics I'm not entirely sure what would have been the best thing to do with it anyway!!

So there you go on the 'mumpkin'....sorry you didn't to get to fiend out what the taste resembled but maybe the same thing will happen again this year....I think I am probably more disappointed than you about not getting to try the new hybrid though.

As for work on the allotment...well it's still been a no go. The weather was bright and dry yesterday and I had every intention of going and making a start but just as I was getting ready to leave (and yes I was getting ready to leave and not laid upstairs on the bed thinking, 'Oh 5 minuted with my book won't hurt!') the doorbell rang and there stood a couple of unexpected visitors who we were delighted to see. They came totally prepared and so right now are sat on my room floor playing monopoly with the other kids and we had a lovely evening watching movies.


So I don't think I will be getting to the allotment today either even though again it is dry and bright...although there are some gusty winds which are very cold so I don't think I mind too

Good thing about the weather though...after what seems like months I finally have some washing on the line........and you can't beat that lovely fresh smell of line dried washing...oh the little things!!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!!



  1. Squash that usually last all through til spring have failed to survive this year as it has been particularly bad so it may not be the mumpkins fault!

  2. oh too bad about the mumpkin.
    I haven't plaid monopoly in ages. My brother used to always kick my butt in that game.

  3. Shame you didn't get to try the mumpkin, perhaps you'll get another this year. The snow didn't last long here, but it's still very wet at the moment.

  4. Its the little things that make our day :)


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