Wednesday 19 January 2011

Weather watch Wednesday week 3 2011...a short visit to the plot..and some new purchases!!

Well first the weather...IT'S COLD!!!!!!!!

OK it's not actually that bad...last week we managed to get up to double fingers and those temperatures hung around up until the weekend but with them came the winds of 60-80 m.p.h. and the rains so although it was warm and we had the heating off for a few days it was not at all nice to go outside.

Monday the winds dies and the rain disappeared and the skies cleared...but also the temperatures dipped. We have had frosts the last three nights and temperatures are only getting just above freezing at around 3 degrees...but it's nice to see what colour the sky is again and I can handle the cold if the sky stays clear and I get to see the sun!!

winter sky
A lovely winter sun and sky.

garden supplies
My Thompson and Morgan purchases...some sturdy potato bags, some net bags and a paper potter. You can also see squeezed on the end some seed potatoes bought ready and waiting!!

salad troughs
My 'Homebase' bargain...knocked down a quarter in price so I got 4 for the price of 1...very happy with these and can't wait to get my salad stuff growing in them!

salad growing area
And my troughs put in place.

I am mostly happy with the way this looks now and I think I have enough to grow all my salad bits in. I am not going to have any of my salad, (except beetroot) growing in the ground this year as I feel this way it will be much easier to harvest and resow...I got the troughs for things like baby carrots and radish....I'm very excited about how it's all coming together. I have a few more in the greenhouse that I can add if I wish but for now I will see how it goes...I like my little salad patch that I have created and it's also something the kids can really help with without getting to messy if we don't have much time to spend on the allotment.

Just got my Lingonberry bushes to go in when they finally arrive and my mushroom spores to set when I can get some....anyone got any ideas for the mushroom spores?? I would like to grow Shitake and Oyster...and maybe some other more exotic ones too.

There was one more purchase I made...but that's for another post!



  1. It looks like you are all ready for season now if only the weather will cooperate :)

  2. I always grow my salad stuff in containers. We don't eat that much salad so I don't have to grow that much, and it's always nice and clean, not having been splashed by mud or nibbled on by slugs.

  3. I've left you an award on my blog. Don't feel under any pressure to accept it if you don't wish to do so, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. We will grtow some early carrots in a trough too,

    We shared a mushroomm collection with a friend last year. We had shitake and they had oyster and I think it was Lion's mane. They came as dowel plugs with spores impregnated. The plugs had to be drilled into a piece of tree trunk. So far absolutely nothing has happened! We also had a freind who bought a kit where the spores were in a straw bale (small one) and they weren't too impressed with that either.


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