Wednesday 26 January 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday..week 4......26/01/11

Well the weather has been pretty much what you would expect for January.

Wet, cold, miserable, windy.

That pretty much sums up the week. We have had the odd bright spell and sometimes the temperature has been a quite mild at 7 degrees but mostly we have been looking at frosty nights and days and temperatures between -5 and 3 degrees centigrade.

I took my seed potatoes down to the shed at the allotment but I am hoping to get down there tomorrow and cover them in the knew sacks that I have bought just in case we get any more really cold weather as i don't want to lose them as I did the rest of my winter stock that I had stored

Today it's rained and we have had a biting easterly wind so I spent a productive day at home cleaning carpets and the house to keep me occupied.....still longing for the spring!!!



  1. January is such a dreadful month. The weather is never very good, the excitement from the holidays is over and there never seems to be much energy, at least for me anyway. Sounds like you have some though with the house cleaning.

  2. It's been quite mild here but I heard someone say that the temperatures are due to fall again. Only to be expected for January I suppose.

  3. I'm longing for spring too Tanya - I love spring


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