Friday 7 January 2011

Working on the allotment?????....not a chance!!

Well I had big plans for today...get the rest of the manure moved and then get stuck in down the allotment starting some 'real' work.

I got up to a dark (obviously seeings how it was 6:00am) day which was dry and quite mild so things were looking good.

By 7:50am it was drizzling rain...not a problem, I can handle that I thought.

By 8:10 am it was POURING with rain....not feeling so great about going out now I thought to myself.

By 9:00am......HUGE,HUGE,HUGE (I hope you have caught on that they were big!) snow flakes coming down thick and fast.

Sod going to the plot...I'll stay in for the day and knit...after all I really don't think anyone is going to steal the manure from my front garden!!

Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be better!



  1. I'm here knitting too as we've got quite a bit of snow. I've just heard that they've shut Leeds Bradford airport. I thought we'd seen the back of the snow.

  2. Snowed here too and we had planned going out for lunch!

  3. It sounds funny when it will be months before I even see my garden again under the snow.

  4. If you had posted the photographic evidence I would have believed it was the weather that was holding you back, Tany! It's been back to work for me so I'm busting to get started at the plot. ... and tonight it's snowing in Edinburgh!

  5. I hope the weather gets better for you. I kind of wish I had a plot of land to work on. Hope that is in the future for me. A good portion of my yard is poisoned by a walnut tree. After two seasons of not getting anything on the plants we grew we figured that out.

  6. I think I would have chose staying in to knit also.

  7. Thanks for the comments...warms my hearts to know you are all still with me. Fingers crossed we Brits won't get a repeat of last January's weather....

    Mal I can't believe you think I was faking about the weather.....Just remember all the manure piled at my gate...not something I like having there to welcome my


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