Tuesday 1 February 2011

The golden crop of 2010.

Well I have to admit that I intended on doing a run of posts throughout December on my 'growings' of last year but as I didn't get around to it I thought I would do them now...and what better to start with in dreary January than my 'Golden' crop.

Sweetcorn...this was my first year of success and I was highly pleased with myself and the taste...I am hoping for a great crop again this year and I hope to plant more of it too as it didn't last us very long.

Lovely Sweetcorn!!

The plants were strong and stood well to the winds...I got at least two beautifully juicy ears from each plant... :-)

So what do you think was your personal best in 2010??



  1. I missed out on sweetcorn last year but I'm hoping I do better this year. Strawberries were my success last year, and I've taken some runners to bulk up the plants as well as buying some everbearers so I hope this year will be even better.

  2. 2010, hmm.. nothing to report on the plot. But in the garden, it had to be Kelevdon Wonder Peas. Very sweet tasting peas, easy peasy to grow too! :D

  3. Yes, another vote for strawberries here. So many I even got to make jam with them! And then got it to set, so definitely strawberries ;>) Apples did really well too.

  4. YUM sweet corn. That's a favorite around here. We should probably try and plant some in our back yard as my husband is always looking for a place to stop and buy some

  5. Golden crops - I'm going for one fruit and one vegetable. The fruit is another vote for strawberries and the vegetable award goes to carrots. Both put their flavourless shop bought cousins to shame and produced a bumper harvest. We are still digging the carrots which seem bigger than ever this year!

  6. Well there were a lot of strawberry votes...I would have chose that except for two things.....I don't actually have any of my own as Kate has a huge patch and is happy to share the surplus....because it is such a huge patch I don't really know how abundant it is but I did manage to make some jams, cheesecakes, tarts, give some to family, have them with breakfast, fruit salads...oh and then there are the ones that never made it to the bag....and that was after Kate had picked all she could eat and continually hassled me to get some more!!


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