Saturday 12 February 2011

A little planting on the plot!!

The weather has been changeable today but I managed to get down the allotment between showers and get a little planting done. The earth was VERY wet but this did mean I didn't have to fetch any water.. :-)

pond grasses planted
Firstly a few grasses and a small holly bush around the pond...which by the way I have decided doesn't matter too much if it isn't dead level!!

lingonberry bush
My Lingonberry bushes went in as well...I had a hard job getting hold of these and I have never seen the berries sold in English stores so I can't wait for them to produce some fruit!!



  1. Never heard of lingonberries,I'll look forward to seeing what they look like.

  2. It's great when we can start getting some planting done again. Looking forward to seeing how the Lingonberry does.

  3. I always used to like to work in the garden after a good rain. It made everything easier, digging, weeding, etc. Although it also made me that much dirtier when I was done :)

  4. I need to get in and about our pond, it is disgusting and I think the fish have succombed to the dairy farm over the road's cats! Our cats don't bother with them but I saw this other one hanging around and now there is no sign of the fish! Hmmmm.....

    Ours isn't level either and it appears to make no difference!

  5. I'll be really interested in how the lingonberries perform as I too like to try something a bit different!

  6. Damo...they don't look exactly spectacular nad I doubt I'll get any fruit this year but I can always hope. I have never seen them in the UK...I had them in Sweden. doesn't seem to make any difference whether it's wet or dry...i always come in incredibly dirty...guess nothings changed since I was a

    Rosie...poor fish...but I guess that's life...i have set my pond up purely for wildlife so won't be adding any fish to it..hoping for some tadpoles though.. :-)

    GLA...I'm hoping they will do well as they are native to Scandinavia and they have similar weather to us...I will keep you informed though!!


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