Wednesday 2 February 2011

Weather watch Wednesday week 5.........2/2/11

Well it's another weather watch day and a new month. It's hard to believe we are in February already....but this is one part of the year I don't mind moving fast. The weather hasn't been too bad over the last week. A couple of light frosts at night have made for some crispy mornings and we have had a few drizzly days but also a couple of bright ones to balance it out. Today has been cloudy and miserable, the thermometer read 9 degrees but with gust of wind up to 50mph it has felt considerably colder.

sky at 5:00pm on 22/11
The sky at 5:00pm.

On the major plus side the days are slowly getting longer and tonight the sun was still would have bee really nice if there hadn't been so much cloud.
I have noticed the mornings getting brighter too and it's all these little things that keep me going.
We still haven't had that amazing cold snap they were predicting but I guess there is still time.....more time for cold and snow before the season is out....come to think of it even when the next season is in!!



  1. january sure did fly by fast didn't it. glad to hear you aren't buried in snow like everyone around here. Lets hope for an early spring . How you doing with those knifty knitters?

  2. We had a very windy night, I thought the windows were coming in at one point. The wind's still here today but not as bad.

  3. I so agree Tanya - we have a timer on the lamps in our living room and dining room and have moved the time so they come on later. I just love spring as you have evrything to look forward to!


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