Wednesday 16 February 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday...week 7...16/2/11...and a bit of gardening with friends!!

So first the weather.....well the strong winds have stayed away but the winds that have remained have turned from west to east and have brought a chill to the air keeping the temperatures in the single figures over the last week and causing a few light frosts in the evenings.

Rain has been par for the course with showers most days although there has been let up at times and the sun has occasionally shown it's face.

Today was nice and bright for most of the day and we managed to escape the rain that the gathering clouds threatened so I managed to get to my gardening job, had a little company there too...

one robin
First company...resident Robin one...always comes to see me and isn't at all timid and loves to sing me a beautiful song as I unearth bugs for him.

two robin
Then we were joined by his more timid friend/mate...who has shown her face a couple of times but got quite brave today and came quite a bit closer to me.

three robins
And then I was amazed to be joined by a third Robin...(can you spot the three?)...could this be a baby from last year??/ Or someone looking to steal a mate?? I really don't know but the third one was very skittish and kept ruffling his feathers at adorable!!

So there you have it...three friends joined me and kept me company today as the clouds gathered overhead...the air was very damp and it didn't dry the thinnest of washing but it was lovely to get outside!!

Popped up the allotment today just to take up the compost I bought yesterday...will go up at the weekend to start filling the pots.
I'm very eager and as I have a greenhouse this year I really don't mind if it's raining.. :-)



  1. What a pretty little visitor you had. I've never seen a robin that looked like that.

  2. This is my first time to visit your blog. Are you in the Pacific Northwest (USA)? Your soil looks incredibly rich and healthy (good for you!) and with all that talk of rain, it reminded me of here - greater Seattle area, Washington (state).

  3. It's nice to have some company whilst gardening, especially when it's of the feathered variety.

  4. Very unusual for three robins to tolerate one another! The back two look to be squaring up to one another to me! Two together are almost definitely a pair - our birds are pairing up at the moment and looking for nest places.

    By the way your friendly robin may be female as we have found in blackbirds - related to robins - it is the female that is braver and more likely to come close!

  5. We have not moved yet so no garden here this year but my mom has offered to let us use some of her 2.5 acres to plant a garden. I think I will take her up on that offer and get to planning once there is no more snow on the ground.

  6. I'm excited to get back out into the yard. It seems like the weather has been cold for a really long time!

  7. Ann...all of our UK Robins look like that...male and females alike!

    Vamchoir...thanks for visiting. I live in the it is wet most of the time here.I have purchased your book and I'm really looking forward to starting it next week when I go on my hols!!

    Jo..I love the feathered variety...and these are so cheeky with it!

    GLA...they were squaring up to each other a bit...thanks for the gender tip...though I don't know if I'll be able to get out of referring to the first little fella as a

    Carrie...definitely take your Mum up on the offer...there is nothing more relaxing that being when you sit to take a breather you get to pick your book up for a chapter or two!! has seemed a long winter this year.

  8. Wonderful birds! I like our American robins a lot, but I think your original robins are prettier. I smiled as soon as I saw the first one.

  9. Not often you see three robins together - they are usually very territorial.

  10. Carrie ~ That's wonderful. After reading the book, if you want to join the "Ravena & The Resurrected" club on Facebook, just send me a note to that effect at

    * Please let me know what you think after you're done reading. *

  11. glad you like our native Robins...They are one of my favourite birds.. :-)

    Mark...We have quite a lot of Robins around us...I am convinced that two were a pair...they seemed to get quite irate with the newcomer at times!

    Vamchoir...don't worry...I will post to Carrie when I've read the book.. :-)

    Plus...thanks all for the comments...I feel loved to have so many!!! lol


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