Wednesday 23 February 2011

Weather watch Wednesday...week 8...23/2/11

Well this is just going to be a quickie post as we are going away today.

The weather has been mainly wet this week and even on those occasional dry days it has been overcast so not much has been done on the allotment over the last few days although I didn't manage to get in the broad beans I purchased to replace those I lost in the cold weather we've had.

Temperatures have been quite low ...between 3 and 5 degrees although today does seem a little warmer...the clouds have managed to keep the frosts at bay!!

So now we are off To Havant to visit friends for a few days...should be nice although their weather is no better than ours...have to admit to being a little apprehensive about using the underground as I never have before...keep your fingers crossed for us!!


  1. Enjoy your time away. Hope the weather improves for you.

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. Enjoy your trip and looking forward for your update! :)

  3. it's been cold here again.
    Enjoy your trip

  4. The Tube is great; just enjoy. And it's always dry in they tunnels!!


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