Tuesday 15 March 2011

Allotment happenings over the last few days.

Well I have been up the allotment for a few short spells over the last few days but not got around to telling you all about it so I figured I could do it all in one post!!

First visit was Saturday..this wasn't really to get anything done but primarily to release the toads and frog that we have had over winter in a tank at home. Of course we released them into our new pond and they were very happy once lowered in the water to get their first good swim for a while and then soon dove to the bottom of the boat...erm I mean pond!!

releasing the toads.
One of the toads relishing it's new home.

My nephew came with me to release the toads..he was happy to do this after keeping a watchful eye on them over the winter as he thought they deserved to be set free and was happy to see them swimming freely.

My nephew
The pond get's approval from my youngest nephew!

I also got the new shipment of manure sorted and then called it a day as although it was nice I really needed to get a bath after moving the manure...it was VERY fresh..poooie!!

The I went up the allotment on Monday but only to dog a lettuce out of the greenhouse...we needed it as we had devoured all that was left in the fridge!!

the last lettuce
The last over-wintering lettuce from the greenhouse...now it will have to be store bought stuff..but hopefully not for too long!

That was the last lettuce...I would have had enough for a few more weeks if I hadn't lost some over the winter but I am quite pleased with the amount that managed to fight against the cold!

Then this morning I was up bright and early, (even if the morning wasn't the same!!) so I decided I would take an early visit to the allotment and get a little digging done.

It was all dug over last year but it is getting quite dry in the ground so I figured there was no harm giving it a turn with the spade just to loosen it a little to make future digging and planting a little less back breaking!

foggy morning.
The plot at 8AM.

As you can see from the picture above it wasn't the most inviting of mornings but I actually really enjoyed the solitude that the fog and the early hour gave me..it was so peaceful out there with not a soul about and I really got a lot done in the short while I was there...I'm hoping to go up tomorrow and get a little more done..I figure a little time each day will soon get it all sorted!!



  1. I don't know about prices where you live but here the price of a head of lettuce has gone way up along with tomatoes and several other fresh fruits and vegetables.

  2. I love morning fog. Every chance I get I go walking in the woods when the fog is thick. The only problem is that I end up soaked to the bone.

  3. You've done well to keep the lettuces going over winter, it won't be long until this year's are ready to be harvested.

  4. Great lettuce will have to set some in the greenhouse next year or under the lights

  5. Ann...all salad is really expensive at the minute...and doesn't last very long before it spoils either!

    Ratty...I love the fog too...it wraps around me like a cocoon enabling me to have real time for myself!

    Jo...I have to say I was impressed with the lettuces..I just hope they do so well next year.

    GLA...i am envious of your lights...at least with those you know you won't lose a single one!


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