Tuesday 22 March 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well it's been a hive of activity down the allotments over the last few days and believe or not some of that activity came from me too!!

I have been quite busy over the past few days getting some gardening done and also cutting a neighbours fern trees down by a few feet in the blazing sun...yes you read it right I did say 'blazing' sun...and just as well really as the clocks are to be moved this weekend which officially is the start of the British summer!!

The weather has definitely turned around for us but more about that in tomorrows weather watch.

I have been meaning to post for a while but have been so tired in the evenings I haven't even turned on the computer so I am hoping to catch up with everyone's blogs tomorrow.

Tonight I am sleepy after another busy day so just thought I would share with you a few pictures of what I have been up to.

freshly dug allotment
One half of the allotment has been turned and is ready for tilling and planting.

newly sown seeds.
Plenty of seeds have been sown in the greenhouse!

newly sown seeds.
I'll tell you about all the different varieties in another post soon.
pear blossom
The trees are blossoming nicely...all except the Cherry tree which it seems has died over the winter and will need to be replaced.

I hope you are all managing to have some fun in the fresh outdoor air too.



  1. You have been busy. It's always nice though when you can get a lot accomplished.

  2. I sowed seeds at the weekend too. It's great to finally get going again.

  3. I love it when the clocks change. I've been madly sowing seed too, so exciting seeing beetroot and cabbage emerging. Your plot looks raring to go!

  4. Ann...this is one of my favourite times of year...there is so much you can get done with some great results!!

    Jo...lets hope we both get a good germination rate!!

    Janet, I too love it when the clocks change...suddenly there seems so much more time in the day!


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