Friday 11 March 2011

Hot beds on the allotment.

You may remember a while ago about me mentioning the raised beds I had gotten hold of and that I had a specific purpose for them that I would tell you about at a later date. Well today is the day you find out...but I thought I would do this post mostly in pictures after a brief explanation!

The beds are going to be used as movable hotbeds. I want to be able to move them around each year for crop rotation (more about that in another post!) as I always plan (if this year goes well anyway!) to have my squash plants in them as 'apparently' they love to grow in hot beds!!

Firstly the beds were moved to their correct location and then the earth dug down and over so they were level.

Next, a couple of barrow-loads of rich manure was put into the beds and spread...well more or less evenly!

After this then a good layer of soil was put on top of the manure and that's it...done!!

The beds are now ready for the courgettes, marrows, pumpkins and cucumbers to go in in the next month or so. I'm excited to see how this affects their growth!

So that was how I spent my few hours on the allotment today. It was quite a hive of activity today with the mild temperatures and the wind having dropped a little. Kate was their and get plenty of her plot dug over and manured and also planted some shallots and broad beans. Also saw quite a few others coming and going all trying to get a head start before the mad planting rush!!

Hopefully it shouldn't be long now before the potatoes can go in!!



  1. You should end up with giant pumpkins with all that manure!

    When it said hot beds I thought you were going to plant pineapples!

  2. Great accomplishment, Tanya! I can already imagine them overflowing with abundance.

  3. You have a good idea. You can also move them around if you just like the way they fit somewhere else.

  4. It will be interesting to see how they do. Good idea to be able to move them around too.

  5. Good job. Looks like you are well on your way

  6. Great idea, I used it a few years ago on a small scale and the difference in growth between them and the ones just planted normally was huge, so good luck.

  7. Now I really can't wait to get over to my moms and get things started! Good luck this year!

  8. Interesting idea. Make sure you keep us up to date with how you do.

  9. GLA...I really hope we get some good pumpkins..then we might get to carve one this year...why did you think pineapples?!?!

    tpals...fingers crossed that it makes for excellent produce!

    Ratty..the general idea is to move them yearly with the crop rotations.

    Jo....I have high hopes...especially as it was a lot of hard work to dig out...dig over...manure and then fill!

    Ann...thanks :-)

    Janet/Plantaliscious...glad to know someone has tried it and benefited from's hoping I have the same success!

    sundcarrie...can't wait to see what you will grow in your Mum's garden.

    Mark...don't'll get updated plenty..good or bad!

  10. The Victorians grew pineapples in deep hot beds using manure as a heat source although these were usually covering by a cold frame set up alongside the greenhouse.

  11. Thanks GLA...nice to know any maybe something to think about for the future...would be interesting to see how well they did!!


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