Saturday 5 March 2011

Quickest allotment visit in history!!

I made the quickest trip to the allotment in history on Thursday afternoon when I popped up to get some hormone rooting powder. That was actually the only thing I intended to do but i did check on the seeds whilst I was there, no growth happening but I didn't expect any after a few days but wanted to check that they were damp.
I needed the rooting powder to try and save a cactus plant. My nephew bought some cacti last year and the Lincolnshire Show and one was looking very poorly and withered so after a little reading I have doctored it...added some rooting powder to an extra 'leaf' and now we just have to hope for the best!

cactus plant
The cactus looking a lot we just have to wait!

Friday was a busy day for me but again not on the allotment. I decided I would make a lasagna for teat...I made everything from scratch but the pasta which I bought in the store. This used up the last jar of sauce I made last year out of my tomatoes so no more totally home made sauce will be used for a while.....I am really sad that all my home-grown home made stocks are depleting so quick :-( will be back to tinned tomatoes as they taste better than the tomatoes the store is stocking at the moment!!

home made lasagna
The Lasagna filling...I meant to take a picture of it all put together but forgot...I was quite pleased with it and It must have gone down well as everyone cleared their plates!

Yesterday was also Kate's (my allotment neighbour) Birthday. we had arranged to go up with her partner but Kate knew nothing of this so it was a total surprise when we turned up with a card, a bottle and a homemade birthday cake.

Kate's birthday cake
Kate's cake!

We had a lovely evening and the cake didn't taste to bad either...I love to dabble in the kitchen but I don't claim to be any good at it really so it's always nice when things are edible. I did warn them before the cake was cut that it would probably look better than it
This post was originally meant for yesterday but a we didn't get home until nearly 1am I figured it could wait a few more hours.

So how are your stocks from last years allotment produce holding out?? I think I definitely have more stocks for next winter!!



  1. Not run out of stock yet but onions, garlic and shallots are starting to sprout and some of the potatoes are a bit soft.

    It's quite a club we have really isn't it - how many people other than bloggers consider a camera to be a kitchen utensil? I had lasagne too yesterday but had it made by someone else as we had our dinner out!

  2. I don't have anything left from the allotment from last year, I'm hoping to do better this year. Your lasagne looks delicious. Hope the cactus survives.

  3. That lasagna filling looks delicious and what a pretty cake.
    Sounds like you had a good time too

  4. I've got quite a bit of canned produce left but that is partly from being such a bad cook!

  5. I'm just stopping by to give you a link. You had asked on my blog about patterns for crocheted doilies.
    This one has quite a few different patterns, you might find one you like
    hope that helps

  6. Gla...lo on the camera...I hadn't really thought about it that way. I have to admit it is becoming quite an attachment to me!!

    Ann..We had a lovely evening and the meal and dessert were both a's nice when they taste as good as they look! that produce you have made yourself or stuff you bought in so you wouldn't have to cook?

    Ann...thanks for the link...I will check them out.


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