Tuesday 29 March 2011

There's always a learning curve!!

Well I know I promised you some pictures of my fabulous seed germination but they aren't going to happen in this post.

You see I noticed when I went down the allotment today that I have had at least one, but probably several visitors to my plot!! (And believe me they aren't the sort of visitors we like!!)

I have never grown winter greens before but with my disasters on brassicas last year I decided I would give it a go and even with the harsh winter they were doing extremely well, that is until this last week or so.

nibbled veggiesAs you can see above the visitors have been feasting on them so there isn't mush left for us. I think it may be pigeons...or even rabbits!

healthy veggies
It isn't a total loss though as they have only attacked those on plot 15....why I don't know, I'm just grateful to have some left for us!!

So the learning curve for the winter veggies is to make sure I net them so the wildlife can't get to them before we do. This hasn't put me off growing them at all, I will just make sure I protect them next year!!

twitch or couch grassAnd just to finish off I thought I would share with you all the twitch that I dug up over the weekend...As you can see the barrow is well overloaded....and the reason it's still on the allotment??...that's easy, I have a puncture to repair!! :-(



  1. I've learnt that lesson myself this year, all my purple sprouting broccoli was eaten by pigeons. My wheelbarrow has a puncture too.

  2. well you had one hungry critter there didn't you. Glad to see it didn't get all of it.

  3. I covered all my spring brasicas with some fleece stuff over the winter but noticed when I visited at the weekend that the bitter weather has caused it to become really brittle and now a lot of the veg has simply pushed through it... I need to get some proper netting to cover it or else I'm going to lose it all to the same kind of pests you had me thinks... :)

  4. I am glad the wildlife left you some to eat. My mom has about a half an acre maybe more of woods so we will have to protect the garden from her wildlife this year.

  5. Jo..I know exactly how you feel!!

    Ann, not nearly as glad as me.

    Paul and Melanie, definitely get it covered quick...it's really disheartening to lose such lovely looking veggies!

    sundcarrie, with woodlands all around you will definitely need to think first about protecting your crops...especially the new shoots!


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