Monday 28 March 2011 either hate it.....or....well....HATE it!!!!

Well I spent the weekend digging the rest of the twitch out of the new plot I was given last year. There was only half left but it was still hard going but such a relief to have dug it all over and out.

I have two huge bags of the stuff and although I know there will be little bits I have missed these will be easy to dig out as they rear their ugly heads over the summer.

I have to admit to having a little help with the twitch removal and I certainly wasn't going to pass on the all my allotment is ready for planting out and hopeful this week I will be getting some potatoes and onions in the ground.

I read my crop rotation wrong so the raised beds aren't in the place I wanted them for the crops but I will tell you more about that in another post.

I have had some germination success in the greenhouse which is very pleasing but I haven't took any photos yet but promise you a picture post tomorrow...but I can tell you now that so far I have 12 parsnips germinated....after just one last year and none the years prior to that you can imagine my elation!!!



  1. Even after years of weeding we still have twitch, couch or whatever else you want to call it growing - and yes I hate it - especially when it gets in amongst the permanent planting!

  2. hooray for the parsnip success. I have no idea what twitch is but I'm assuming that it's not something you want :)

  3. Ah I now know what twitch is and I'm glad I'm not better acquainted with it as it sounds like a bligter to get rid of!

  4. I'm going to have a go at sowing my parsnips in the ground this year for the first time. I hope I don't regret it.

  5. Gla...I have hardly any twitch left on plot 15 and I am hoping that all the hard work this year on plot 17 pays off and I don't have too much growing through my potatoes!!

    Ann..the parsnip success just keeps getting better and better.. :-) As for's also known as couch grass and is the bane of every allotment holders life!!

    Damo...glad you aren't suffering with twitch...i wouldn't wish it on anyone!

    Jo...good luck with the parsnips...straight in the ground has worked for plenty of others so i don't know why I have failed so much over the years!!


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