Wednesday 16 March 2011

Weather watch Wednesday...week 11....16/04/11

Well the weather for the last week has been quite varied.

Thursday...temps high 7 low 3 degrees...winds 60mph..sunny, showery and cloudy.

Friday......temps high 10 low 7 degrees. Winds 30mph...Sunny.

Saturday....temps, high 11 low 8 degrees. winds 23mph.....cloudy.

Sunday....temps, high 12 low 0 degrees. light winds, rainy.

Monday...temps, high 10 low 6 degrees, light winds.....sunny.

Tuesday....temps, high 8 low 7 degrees...thick fog.

Today...pretty much the same as yesterday!!//

spring flowerspring flower
spring flowerspring flower
spring flower

In light of the gloomy weather I thought I would share with you some of the colour from my rockery!!



  1. beautiful blooms in your rockery. Can't wait to start seeing some around here

  2. The weather here has been very mixed too, as soon as I think spring has sprung we're plunged back in to the depths of winter.

  3. I love the first spring flowers

  4. EAch kind of flower is good. I like the second from top on the right the most.

  5. Ann..I am very happy to see colour back in the garden so early on...the primroses were an excellent purchase!

    Jo...I know what you mean...but my premise can only get better!

    GLA...I love spring full stop, it's so nice to see everything coming back to life after the dreary winter.

    Ratty...glad you like the flowers...hopefully it won't be long before you are taking pictured of flowers for your blog too!!


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