Wednesday 23 March 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday...week 12.....23/03/11

Well the last week the weather has been glorious.

Warm days with temperatures ranging between 15 and 19 degrees and mild evenings of 7-10 degrees.

We had a light shower on Sunday for about 20 minutes but apart from that no rain.

The light breezes have been refreshing whilst outside and it's been nice not to have to cover the seeds every night.

The lack of rain has had a few people watering their allotments though which really grieves me as although the top of the ground is dry there is plenty of moisture beneath and the last thing we need to be doing is watering the garden in March!!!

Hope you have all had nice weather too...British Summer technically begins on Sunday with the moving of the clocks so it's bound to turn cold next week!!

Has anybody heard as to whether we move the clocks one or two hours yet?? I know there was talk of a two hour move last month to give us lighter nights and attract more tourists to the country but I haven't heard anything recently.



  1. I wish we had your weather, I woke up to snow this morning.

  2. I think the government have backed out of the idea of moving clocks differently! Watering??? Although I admit to giving the newly planted raspberries a quick drink to settle them in.

  3. Another glorious day here again today. I'm looking forward to the clocks going forward, I love the lighter evenings.

  4. I know from my experiences in a few nature parks that when it gets warmer the ground water is going to begin to seep up to the surface. I'm already seeing a bit of that here.

  5. It's the standard one hour move, Tanya. As always and as ever, our lily-livered leaders backed off from changing the daylight saving arrangements. They always do. The topic's been raised for discussion by MPs every year since before I was born, but they never have the courage the change it. Either it's Scottish farmers lobbying against, or dept of Education, or any one of a thousand other vested interest groups. Meanwhile, most normal Brits wish we could just align with continental Europe and have done with it.

    Some hope.

  6. Ann...I hope spring soon comes to you too.

    GLA...glad to hear it...I like my summer just as it is! I always giove new plants a drink...but I think it is a little extreme to be watering leeks which have been in the ground since last year!

    Ratty...whether the ground water seeps up or not...if people bothered to dig down an inch they would see the damp earth...I hate to see people abusing the fact that we have taps and running water on our plots!!

    Soilman...I'm not really who bothers to lobby for or against...I was just worried about losing two hours in


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