Wednesday 30 March 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday.....week 13.......30/03/11

Well we are in the last week of March and the weather is really picking up but at the same time having a few low points.

Thursday and Friday were glorious days of sun with light breezes and temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees.

Saturday took a turn for the worst with overcast skies and cold easterly winds..temperatures about 6 degrees.

Sunday was still overcast but the winds were lighter and warmer of a southerly direction, temperatures about 12 degrees. A very sharp overnight frost.

Monday started out foggy and frosty but did warm up to reach 13 degrees.

Tuesday bright and airy with warm sun and light breezes. Temperatures of 15 degrees with some overnight rain.

Then toady was another cold spell with some cold winds. Temperatures of 6 degrees and rain in the afternoon..mustn't complain about the rain will make weekend planting easier!!



  1. well I hope you don't get what we're getting. It's snowing here right now.

  2. Rain here today for us. I hope it picks up for the weekend again.

  3. Gale force winds here today battering everything!

  4. Rain is always a good thing this time of year. It makes crops grow extra big.

  5. A bit of rain would be good right now. although not at the weekend when I am planning to be in the garden!

  6. Ann...I have been keeping up with your weather...I really hope it improves for you soon.

    Jo, hope the weather picks up for you so you can get in the gardens at the weekend.

    GLA...we've had the winds too...but I guess I can handle a little wind if the weather stays mild.

    Ratty, rain is good...though we really aren't getting much of it but the ground is still nice and damp just below the surface.

    Mark..Some rain would be good but I'm not worried yet, we had a really dry march last year too and the crops did just fine.


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