Saturday 16 April 2011

Hard work at the allotment!!

Well I went down the allotment yesterday afternoon to work on breaking down some of the mud clods before they got to dry and to do this I used the tiller....took a while but I enjoyed my time and whilst I was there one of my allotment neighbours asked if they would perhaps be able to borrow my tiller next week to do theirs....I said this wouldn't be a problem.

I managed to get it all finished by 8pm and decided to call it a day and popped back down the allotment early this morning to get some carrot seed in. Whilst there I decided that I would go over Sophie's plot for her and got that one too. Then I was approached by Dave who is do
ing the fencing around the allotment talking about the 'mound' at the top end of my plot and how it really had to go and be leveled off for the fencing to be done...I was worried about winds across the fields but he said this could be combated if I put some panels across the bottom of the fence so started the mammoth task of sorting what I wanted and clearing the debris....and boy was there a lot of debris!!

Now if you can't remember what it looked like before you can check back through previous posts...(I was going to put a link here but can't work out how to do it..sorry)... Or if you really need me to I'm sure I can put another picture in for you...but anyway below are the pictures of how it looks now. The fence will be going in tomorrow and then i will be deciding what to do with the extra space I have gained. I know I am going to extend the pond planting area and the herb patch but I haven't totally decided what to do with the extra spa
ce behind the shed yet. I do think it is already looking much neater.

back end of allotment all leveled off and tidy.
So what do you think?? Much neater and nicer?? I will take more photos when it is all completed.

back end of allotment all leveled off and tidy.
It has been a glorious day today so it wasn't too bad doing such a hard job...however my right ear is seriously paying for it as this was the side to the sun and it's now terribly blistered...note to self...put sun cream on ears!!



  1. It's looking good. I caught the sun yesterday too, keep forgetting to wear a hat - forget that I'm out there for a few hours at a time!

  2. sounds like a lot of hard work but it's looking good. Those sun burns can really get ya.

  3. Wow that looks like hard work. All looking good.
    Hope your ear is recovering! We have all done it!

  4. Looks very neat and you've gained some extra space - can't be bad

  5. Thanks all for the kind comments....\me nd my allotment neigbour have decided blackberry brambles will be a good idea along the back here once the fence is in place as it doesn't matter how wild they get, will attract plenty of bugs...and act as an extra deterrent!!


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