Monday 25 April 2011

Progress on the allotment....and a little help again please!! I figured it was time I gave you an update on how the plot is progressing but rather than ramble on for hours I thought I would give you a pictorial view with few words...after all, everyone loves pictures!!!

damp soilgherkins and pumpkin

My first picture here shows the earth just dug over, I took this so you could see how moist it is under the ground even though people are continually moaning about the lack of rain and keep wasting water on there plots! The second picture shows my first planted raised beds which has nine gherkin plants and pumpkin at the end.

auberginesrunner beansmelons

Above you can see aubergine, runner beans and melons. The runner beans are on their second sowing as I had a whole packet of seeds that didn't germinate first of all. The melons and aubergines will be planted into the ground in the greenhouse by the weekend hopefully.

pepper plantsparsnipscalabrese

Various pepper plants, parsnips and calabrese. I am VERY impressed with my parsnips and will hopefully get them into the ground in the next week or so, the same with the calabrese as it's starting to get a little leggy. All the peppers will stay in the greenhouse but are a little too small to be potted on yet.

cabbagessweetcornbluberry blossom

Rhe cabbages are getting leggy and will be put into the ground this week, the sweetcorn did really well and I have already put this in the ground...I just now pray we don't get any frosts before it has established itself, either way it wasn't going to last much longer in it's pots as it had got so big. There is plenty of blossom on the blueberry bushes which is very exciting!!

new manure fencepond area and new fence

Above you can see the new fence and almost finished pond area plus the new manure fence and extended herb patch. The back fence is going to have blackberry brambles planted all the way along for myself and my plot neighbour to share which we will hopefully get sorted this weekend and then I will carry the gravel on right up to the fence and put a border along the bottom so it all flows in together.

So that's what I have been up to, I also got my broad beans lines plugged up with the extras I put in the greenhouse and an extra row put in front of the black eyed peas. My germination rate has been excellent this year which has made me very happy and all my tubs on the gravel are doing well, I even see celery germinating!!

unknown plant?
And this is where I need the help...does anyone have any idea what the above plant is? My sister bought it for my Mum but there was no label on has a long stem so resembles a tree more than anything but we would really like to know what it is and whether it's suitable to be planted outside so I'm hoping someone knows!!

Hope your gardens are all growing well. The unseasonably warm weather is continuing and we have still only had a light sprinkling of rain.....though a few miles away did get flash flooding at the weekend. Rain is forecast for this evening but I won't hold my breath on that one!! Still, the earth is nice and damp underneath and we are certainly no where near having to even think about watering yet!!

P.S. Just click on any of the pictures to enlarge them for a better look!!



  1. You have been very busy. Looks like you are making excellent progress.
    I have no idea what that plant is but it's very pretty.

  2. Everything's looking great. I haven't started my beans or sweetcorn yet. The leaves on your mystery plant look like those of an azalea.

  3. As Jo said it looks like an azalea. It's an acid loving plant.
    I'm afraid our soil is dry well down, Martyn tilled an empty bed and it didn't even look slightly damp as the soil turned over.

  4. I'd also say an azalea, Tanya.

  5. Thanks all for the help...My mum still isn't convinced it looks like an azalea but said she will go with the majority and hope for the best!!


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