Monday 11 April 2011

Sunny warmth brings busy days!!

Well it has been a glorious weekend here and so I have spent plenty of time busy down the allotment.

SUN!!Check out that sky!!

As is par for the course with me not once did I remember to take the camera down so I will just be telling you a little about what I did and then post some pictures later.

I got plenty of salad seeds sown in the containers around th
e greenhouse and now have pak choi, celery, carrot, beetroot, lettuce, rocket, basil, radish, spring onions and probably more but I haven't written a list yet so if I have missed any I will let you know.

I managed to buy some more onion sets and got those sown in the ground over the weekend too, one row of white and one row of red.

Winter greens were dug up and prepared for dinner and that bit of earth dug over. Kale was dug up and eaten, W.S.B. was dug and discarded as were some of the beyond help winter greens which got attacked by the birds though there are a few of these left for us to dig and eat.

I also dug up most of the leeks that were left to make soup and the few that are left in the ground I am going to dig up over the next couple of days and prepare and freeze them so that the ground is left free for planting.

I did manage to get a rather blurry photo of the tadpoles though...they are all doing incredibly well in the pond!!

tadpolesThe tadpoles were very lively in the sun-warmed pond!!

I also scrubbed my garden slabs and mowed the a very busy weekend really.

There was a funny incident with the tiller and the calabrese but maybe I won't tell you about that....or maybe I will leave it for another post if you really want to know...Do you want to know??



  1. Of course we want to know!

    I'm afraid our frog spawn has been eaten by the fish

  2. Sounds like you've been busy at the plot. I spent most of the weekend doing jobs in the garden and doing yet more sowing.

  3. This is a busy time for gardeners. Luckily, gardening is good for both body and soul.

  4. oh please do tell.
    We had some of that sunshine over the weekend here as well. It was wonderful

  5. Tadpoles are what I've been watching for too. It's good to see that you have them. Now I know I'll start seeing them very soon.

  6. I want to know the story and how you prepare leeks for the freezer please.

  7. We had a busy weekend too! I have been looking forward for some decent weather for so long now!!

  8. Thanks for all your comments...i will write the post of the mishap tomorrow seeing as a few of you want to know....It's good for a laugh if nothing else...will also tell you how to prepare leeks for the freezer in it too tpals.

    Glad you are all enjoying some nice weather too.. :-)


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