Thursday 7 April 2011

Weather watch Wednesday...week 14....07/04/11

So I'm a day late again with the weather watch but it was all go, go, go yesterday with projects and meetings and stuff so I hope you all forgive me!!

The week started off cool, cloudy, a little rain and some seriously strong winds but it took a turn for the better yesterday with warm temperatures, we even got to take off our coats!!

The warm weather is said to stay for the weekend so here's hoping I can get lots of work done down the allotment!!

The temperature just outside my back door where there is a little sun trap!!

Indoors heating on at all!! Bliss!!!

Hope you're all enjoying a spell of warmth too!



  1. We were out dog walking in t shirts yesterday, makes a lovely change. I hope they've got the forcast right for the weekend.

  2. Yes it was lovely here yesterday but cloudy at the moment

  3. We actually had sunshine today and I went outside without a winter coat on. It was like Love that thermometer with the squirrel.

  4. I love the squirrel. I need to go out and find one like that.

  5. Glad the weather seems to be picking up for everyone else too...we are definitely long overdue some warmth!!!


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