Wednesday 13 April 2011

Weather watch Wednesday...week 15...13/04/11

In the event that I am absolutely crackered this will be real quick!!

Weather started off nice but has now cooled down.

We've had some windy days but no frosts.

It keeps trying to rain but we haven't had enough to even fill a teacup.

Hopefully the sun and warmth will return soon!!

I did pop down the allotment Sunday evening and put in some turnip and swede seed. This is a first for me and I have been told by other plotters that they don't do so well so we shall see!!

I did remember to take my camera down though so here's some pics...even if they aren't very exciting!!

allotment with potatoes and broad beans and garlic and swede and turnip.
How the bottom end plot is looking!

The rhubarb is coming along nicely!!

herb patch
The herb patch fared the extreme winter quite well!

allotment dug and ready to be planted
The top end of the plot, dug and ready for planting.

redcurrant bush
Plenty of redcurrants to be had this year!!
(that is of course if they don't end up burnt this year...luckily a fence is currently going up round the allotments so fingers crossed no fires this year!!)



  1. everything is looking good. Now hopefully you can get the weather that you want :)

  2. Your plot always looks lovely and tidy. It's a bit dull here today but it's warmer than yesterday.

  3. Your herbs look a lot better than mine! I had to corral my mint into a 'tyre bed' as it was on a one plant mission to take over! Apart from that the others are looking a bit .. 'little help here!'

  4. When we first took our plot we were told by some established plotters, "You'll not grow carrots on here" and we did great ones! They looked on and scratched their heads!

    We start our turnip and swede in cells in the greenhouse so if direct sowing doesn'r work try that!

  5. Ann...still keeping my fingers crossed for working in a little warmth tomorrow!!

    Jo...thanks...I don't always feel that way myself so ti's nice to be told.. :-)

    Rosie...not all of the herbs survived, I lost rosemary and thyme. I have two different sort of mints growing, one is peppermint and the other cat-mint both of which roam but don't wholly take over and are easily kept in check.

    GLa...thanks for the tip, that is what I have done with my parsnips this year after three years of disaster...I am very impressed that all my seeds have I just have to hope they survive the transplant!!


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