Wednesday 20 April 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday...week 16....20/04/2011 and Thank You to 'The Good Life'!!

Well the weather has been pretty much the same for the last week, we had a couple of 'cooler' days but this was only by a few degrees and then the last few days the temperatures have got increasingly we were at 21 degrees which is amazingly warm for April.

Still no sign of rain and the winds have been light at just a few miles an hour.

Ground still very moist underneath so i am only watering the pots on the allotment and in the greenhouse though the water butts are getting dangerously low and I think I will have to get some tap water in them soon which is a shame!!

Still, I'm not grumbling about the weather....I'm loving every minute of it!!

This evenings sunset!

So now to my thank you. A while ago I entered a give away and won. I was very Happy to win and it was from a blog that many of you may know of but if you don't then you should definitely go and check it out and I really enjoy reading Jo's 'The Good Life' and think you will too!! Not only did I receive the garden diary as promised but lots of other goodies too including, chocolate...Yum...that didn't last too long!!, some seeds, some plant markers and some soap....Thanks so much Jo, I loved everything in the parcel and the diary is great!!

prizes for the plotterAll of my goodies!!

I have been and got some work done on the allotment too, I manged to get my peas, mangetout and black-eyed peas in the ground and I have also sown some beans that I don't know the name of so maybe you can help with identification when they start to grow and some french dwarf beans. i have also started to harden off some of the plants in the greenhouse ready for transplanting outside...hope the weather is being as good for you too!!

Been very busy with the glorious weather but promise to catch up with all the blogs I follow and reply to comments by the weekend!!



  1. Wish I could say the same about our weather here. Congrats on your win, looks like a great prize you got there.

  2. Glad to see that you received the parcel, I was beginning to wonder. I'm looking forward to some more sunny days over the bank holiday weekend.

  3. 21 degrees is warm for your April? I am complaining about snow and not being able to plant. They tell us not to plant outside till after mothers day. I just planted a tray of seeds two days ago indoors.

  4. Congratulations on your win. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.


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