Sunday 22 May 2011

Every home should have one!!!!

Well I have been a bad girl again this week with my posting and reading and so again I am creeping and grovelling for forgiveness but I am hoping that life will start to slow down a little now....this week it was due to meetings, doctors appointments, interviews and birthdays......Life certainly is busy!!

Then of course on top of all that there is the allotment to see to as well!!

Anyway I have been to the allotment a few times over the week although I have to admit it was mainly just to water the greenhouse and planters although last night I did spend a couple of hours there digging over and putting in some tomato plants. I have never had tomato plants on the plot before but we don't seem to have a problem with blight as Kate always has a good crop and I wanted to have a go at making more of my own sauces this year so I have planted out sixteen plants purely for this reason. I still have the four plants at home for us to pick and eat and then I have some fancier versions in the greenhouse which were given to me and I will tell you more about them in another post.

first rose of the year
The first rose from Kate's garden which she cut and gave me on my birthday...Thank you looks lovely now it's opened fully!!

Of course I missed the weather watch again this week but nothing much has changed there anyway...still not much rain....short sharp showers and that's about it...temperatures anywhere between 9 and 20 degrees day and night and the last few days have seen some nasty gusts up to 60m.p.h.

So there you have it...that about sums up my week...maybe this week will be more relaxing....Oh I did manage to get some gardening done too...the bedding plants are mostly in and it's lovely to see some green in the borders again....Oh and I almost forgot...what should every home have??????

salad spinner with fresh salad leaves
One of these!!!

No...I don't mean the salad...although I think there should be salad in every house...I mean the salad spinner....It is one of my favourite is so nice to be able to wash my fresh cut leaves and then after a quick spin be able to put them in my sandwiches without getting my bread soggy...definitely a genius idea!!!

Sorry this isn't the best post of the year...but it is getting late and I want to be up bright eyed tomorrow to catch up with all of my favourite blogs!!

Sleep well all.....and happy gardening!



  1. It sounds like life's busy at the moment. I've never grown tomatoes on the plot. There's really one me who eats them in our house though so the few I grow in the greenhouse at home is plenty for us.

  2. You could always put the lettuce in a tea towel and spin it around over your head instead! I know what you mean about hectic - our week has been hectic too and just as windy!

  3. When was your birthday? Happy belated birthday. Ive seen those salad spinners but I don't have one.
    This weekend is the weekend we do all our planting around here. We're gearing up to start the garden.

  4. Jo, Life is slowing down a little now...less appointments and crisis taking place which is nice!!

    I could do that GLA....but I think it may bruise the leaves??

    My birthday was last Friday Ann...I had a lovely day but I think I am getting a little too old to go without sleep for nearly 24 Hope the planting goes well!!



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