Saturday 14 May 2011

So much to little time!!!!

Well I'm afraid the allotment and the blog have taken somewhat of a backseat this last week and I feel really bad about that!!

I haven't had much spare time at all with all of life's going's on and have just spent the last couple of hours catching up with all my favourite blogs....I didn't even find 5 minutes to do my weather watch post and I hope that you can all forgive me!

Weather Watch update.......

So first lets start with the weather of the last week just so you know what it has been like....We've had a little rain but not much to talk about though a few of the showers have been enough to dampen the ground and give the plants a nice drink. Clouds have been around most days with the promise of a good downpour which basically has been lulling us into a false sense of security. The temperatures have been a little up and down with some biting winds thrown in so I guess they have been between 10 and 25 degrees....most of the time all in the same day!!

I have managed to spend some time down the plot but not too much really...I have been wanting to get my maincrop potatoes in but as yet they are still in my shed....They will be in before the month is out though!!

I did mange to get my peas netted to save them from the wretched pigeons....luckily they haven't got too many of them and I'm hoping for a decent crop!!

The netted peas.

I also got the green pak choi pricked out...this is the first year I have grown this variety and they have done really well...the purple and white aren't very good again so I think after this year I will stick with the green...because they have done so well and the others are looking very poorly I planted plenty of these up in case the others don't come to anything!

Three extra pots of green pak choi.

Although I got my peas netted in time I didn't have netting for my brassicas which have also been slaughtered by the birds so i have sown some more of these in the green house along with some new squash seeds to replace those I lost in the frost. I have since purchased some more netting and have it ready at hand for when the brassicas are big enough to go on the plot....the reason I had no netting was because I hadn't got around to replacing it after I lost everything in the fire last year!

The Greenhouse with some more seeds ready to grow!!

So Life has been pretty hectic this weeks with work and meetings and hospital visits and stuff but I am hoping it's going to calm down a little now and that I will get to spend a little more time down the allotment soon...maybe even tomorrow.....but I am finding lately the more I try to plan the less likely it is to happen so I think I will just take each day as it comes and see what I can fit least this way I won't be disappointed in myself!!

My turnips and swede have germinated in a lovely line and my first early and second early potatoes are coming on nicely.

The black eyed peas are starting to poke though the ground thought the seedling is more like that of a bean.

I have three fancy tomato plants in the greenhouse which were given to my by another plotter and they are already flowering as are the melons. The aubergines are also in the ground in the greenhouse but are still quite small.

All the pepper plants remain too small to take out of their pots yet.

The Swiss chard and spinach beet planted just a couple of weeks ago are through.

I'm, quite pleased with how it's all coming on so far...I am waiting for more runner beans as these died in the frost...totally my fault as I didn't put them back in the greenhouse overnight ...oh well...third time lucky!!

I also need to get the beetroot in the ground. This was started off in peat pots as I did last year but this year I have grown three different varieties....the boltardy has done great as always but the other two varieties aren't looking very good, (I will check the names out tomorrow) so I don't think I will be growing these again...I think I am going to stick with what grows best on my garden for bountiful crops...though I will keep trying out new things each year as you never know when something will impress!!

I managed to get hold of some celeriac seed which again was donated by a plot neighbour but as yet none have germinated and I am now thinking it might be too late to get a crop but I will persevere for a while longer!

So I think that's me about up-to-date! I hope you all forgive me my absence and I am hoping a good session at the allotment tomorrow will bring another post...maybe just lots of pictures!!

Hope your gardens are all growing well!!



  1. Great update Tany. The trials and tribulations you describe are so familiar! My beans have survived and I planted out my runner beans today with some trepidation. I've surrounded the wigwam with fleece - to protect them from the fierce wind we've had (for the last four days)

    Keep me posted on the celeriac...

  2. Those pigeons really break your heart...

    I've had problems with beetroot this year: first time ever. Lousy germination and now they don't seem to grow...

  3. Still don't have a garden in as I am reliant on my mom's hubby for tilling the ground. I have huge starter plants. Well not huge but ready to be planted.
    Happy gardening!

  4. But of course you are forgiven. Life comes first, then blogging :) This time of year seems to be harder to fit the blogging in too.
    Hopefully I can do half as good as you do with the garden plans this summer. I'm afraid I've already managed to kill the green pepper plants that I

  5. No apology needed Tanya - you can't do everything! Mmm pigeons seem to have a second sense - we sometimes spot them watching us planting just waiting for us to leave the plants exposed. If they don't nip out the growing tips plants can recover.

  6. I haven't got my maincrop potatoes in yet either. The earlies I've got in containers are doing well though, I've already earthed them up to the top of the containers so it's just waiting for them to grow now.

  7. Had to come and let you know that your response comes to my email as a "no reply" It may not save me any time at all by making the change but I figured "most" of the people who comment on my blog don't come back to read my response any way. You are probably one of the few who do. With you and another who I know return to see my reply I'll try and make a personal visit to respond :)

  8. Your plot looks very tidy. Hope things are less hectic this week for you. Unless of course you like hectic?

  9. Thanks all for coming's so nice to get so many nice comments after not posting for a while.

    Mal...glad you liked the seemed a bit long winded to me but never germination on the celeriac yet!! :-(

    Soilman..the beetroot I planted for the leaves is doing's only those I planted for the roots that looks abysmal....some careful pricking out may be required!!

    Sundcarrie...good luck getting those seedlings in.

    GLA...I think the brassicas have had it...but I have sown more and there is plenty of time so live and learn I guess!!

    Jo...I'm glad I'm not the only one without the spuds in the ground....I seem to be running late with them this year...but in hindsight this will spread out the digging up process so maybe make life a little easier later on!!

    Ann...thanks for saying you'll try to reply....but don't worry if you don't manage it....just keep visiting me here and I'll be happy.

    allot of veg...the tidiness of my plot is done with a lot of careful for hectic...sometimes it's nice to be able to wind down just a's hoping that this week is one of those!!

  10. I enjoyed your 'long-windedness'. :)

    Everything looks lovely there.


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