Wednesday 4 May 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday...week 17....4/05/2011

Well the weather has definitely had a cooler feel to it this last week with winds coming off the east coast adding even more chill to it. We still haven't had any rain and last night saw a light frosty which hasn't done some of my seedlings much good so I will no doubt be re-sowing at the weekend...a late crop is better than no crop!!

frost bitten gherkin plants
The gherkins still in pots look a little sorry for do the squash plants in the ground!!

The sweetcorn in the ground is still looking good and it's mainly the squash plant that have been affected but only there leaves and there stems still look nice and firm so fingers crossed for full recoveries.

frost bitten sweetcorn plantsThe sweetcorn in pots is looking a little unhealthy after the chill last night but I have moved it back to the greenhouse so hopefully it will recover.

I checked back on last year and this frost has come slightly earlier by a couple of weeks...but then again so did the warmth this year so not so different really....does this mean we really are in for
some rain?? Been quite busy down the allotment and I will post a full crop update by the end of the week. Did anyone else lose anything due to recent weather?? Or am I the only one who suffered with a frost??



  1. I've been a bit wary of putting things out too soon, I realised that a frost could still come. Last night's frost seems to have passed us by, and things are due to warm up again.

  2. We seem to have missed it here in Gloucester thankfully. Fingers crossed your seedlings pick back up, its annoying having to re-sow things that have been happily growing.

  3. This makes me wonder how planting schedules have changed around here with our late cold weather.

  4. our planting season hasn't even begun yet. We normally start planting at the end of May. Hope the frost didn't do too much damage

  5. I need a green house. I have all my started plants on the porch. Since I have to have a garden at my moms I did get some pots from a neighbor and I am going to start my porch garden soon. We will be planting in the next few weeks.

  6. Frost here but luckily no casualties.
    Sorry you got caught out.

  7. Glad so many of you missed the frost.....I would sooner not have been caught out by it myself but we all live and learn I guess!!

    Ratty...I would love to know how things have changed in your neck of the woods...maybe it will stay warmer longer?!?!

    Ann...If your planting season hasn't even started yet when does your growing season end?

    Suncarrie...i wish you luck with your garden this year....there is always a learning curve but it is lovely to grow your own and tastes so much better.

    allot of veg....glad you had no casualties in the frost!


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