Wednesday 25 May 2011

Weather Watch Wednesday....week 20.....25/05/11

So I finally managed to get sat down in time to do a weather watch post which I am very impressed with myself over.

Not much to report really though.

Never did get that heatwave that the met office promised but none the less it has been quite warm with temperatures around 16 degrees during the day and 9 degrees at night.

Still not much sign of any rain but listening to a report from Anglian water on the radio today we don't have to worry about any hosepipe bans as the water table is full and there is plenty of water in the that is some good news for all of those who grow there own!!

Have only been up to the allotment this week to water the tubs and the greenhouse but hoping to get up there over the weekend to do some serious weeding and finally get that beetroot in the ground!!


  1. Our weather has been warming up lately and it's been wonderful. This coming weekend is the big planting weekend around here and we're planning on getting a garden started. Tiller's ready all we need is the energy :)

  2. No rain sounds nice right now to me. We keep having rain every day. Some days we get lucky and in between the rain we have a few periods of sunshine, but not many.

  3. We have more than plenty of water here. Rain is my favorite weather and even I wish it would let up a bit.

  4. It's the winds that have caused us our problems.

  5. Hi Tanya, I wanted to answer your question about the flowers I made. I did use heavy paper to make them. It's not a good outdoor decoration at all. Although I could probably spray it with acrylic sealer. I took the picture outside because it looked a whole lot better than the one I took in the house

  6. We have had rain, rain and more rain but decent temps. The farm I am working on is having trouble getting everything planted but my garden is in and looking pretty good. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Thanks all for the comments...I love the fact that you come from all over the world to read my blog so that I get to find out the different weathers!!

    Ann...glad it's warming up for you.

    Ratty...I will send you a little of my sun if you send me a little of your rain!!

    Emma...Can' say I'm a fan of the rain....If I had my way it would only rain in the evenings!!

    GLA...I know what you mean about the's just too much...I really wish they would go away too!!

    Ann...thanks for replying to my comment :-)

    Sundcarrie...glad to have helped inspire you in your garden...would love to see some photos some time!!


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